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Solar Panel Installation UK UK (UK): If you're looking at reducing your hot water bills or generating electricity with a solar energy installation on your UK home or business premises, what do you need to do to get the best from it? There are Government grants and schemes to greatly reduce the cost, and the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which succeeded the earlier feed-in tariff scheme in 2019, can even generate a modest income from your solar panel installation.


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is the proper term for electricity production from the sun. Great results and power production can be achieved by photovoltaic panels installed on your UK property. If you wish to lower your fuel and electricity bills and are able to correctly place a solar panel installation on your house, you will also be able to gain money from your electricity supplier courtesy of the SEG scheme.

Solar Panel Installer UK UK (UK)

The Green Homes Grant is a recently introduced scheme to help home owners save energy and lower their carbon footprint, and can be used to cover a large part of the cost of a solar power panels. If you are considering energy saving renovations to your home, it is possible to make an application for up to £10,000 in grants using this scheme, which was introduced by the Government in July 2020. Couple this scheme with the Smart Export Guarantee scheme and you will realise why now is the ideal time to earnestly think about a solar installation for your home in UK.


Every home and business needs hot water, so why not generate it from the sun's rays? In winter, even during the reduced hours of sunlight and weaker strength of sun, will preheat your water and reduce the amount of energy necessary to bring it up to a suitable temperature. In summer it's even quite possible to satisfy all of your hot water requirements with nothing but a photovoltaic thermal system fitted.

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Solar panel thermal installations can also be included on the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. The Renewable Heat Incentive was brought in for residential use in 2014 after its initial introduction in the business sector a few years before. If you decide to take up the RHI, the package continues for 7 years and is supported by a government guarantee. All signed up members of the RHI will receive a quarterly cash pay out for the length of the scheme.


If you think you are all set to install solar panels on your home in UK, you ought to consider the following factors:

  1. Will you need to apply for planning permission? - For a lot of properties and homes in UK, solar panels will be on the approved list of modifications that can be made. Only if your property is listed, in a conservation area or if you have a flat roof will you have to check the constraints in place with your local planning office.
  2. What impact on property values can solar panel installations have? - The straightforward, but not really useful response from the Homeowners Association is that solar panels can have both a positive and negative effect on the value of your home. As consciousness grows concerning environment and climate changes, it's been observed that the positive impacts on house prices have increased.
  3. Do you have a roof facing south or south-west? - This helps to optimise the performance of the solar PV by absorbing the greatest amount of sun possible.
  4. Is the roof of your property shaded by other buildings or trees during the day? - Shade reduces the effectiveness of solar panels and significant shading can even render them useless.


Low Carbon Footprint - Producing green, renewable energy for your family is possible using either thermal or solar PV systems on your property. There are no damaging emissions, no pollutants and you can prevent nearly two tonnes of carbon per year from contaminating the atmosphere.

Extra Income - If your solar array produces more power than you use, you are able to sell this back to your energy supplier through the SEG scheme. This might be by way of cash payments or as credit added to your electric bill every quarter. The SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) applies only through your electricity supplier, and is a short term scheme supported by a Government guarantee. This means you are not locked into one power supplier and can switch providers to get a better tariff when the contract comes up for renewal.

No Noise Pollution - Solar panels and the associated equipment is entirely silent. Wind turbines which produce electrical power can make noises which a lot of people in UK find intrusive or irritating. Given that there are no moving parts in solar panel installations in UK, no noise is created.

Reducing Bills - The sun is the main free energy source we know. Would it not be a good idea to reap the benefits of that free energy? As soon as the initial outlay has been made on your solar panels, you'll start to see a lowering of your monthly electricity bills. The size and extent of your solar panel installation will have an impact on the sort of savings you can obtain, but the typical solar PV system could save you ninety and three hundred and seventy pounds (subject to your circumstances) per year on your electricity bills.

Maintenance Free - What makes solar panel installations in UK even more appealing is the low maintenance requirement over their life span. The panels require only annual cleaning and will probably last for around 25 years. If you go for battery storage these will have to be replaced over time, however battery technology is continually progressing and they're becoming more efficient and longer lasting year on year.


Solar Panel Installers Near UK UK

It's good practice to obtain a minimum of three quotations from different solar installers in UK, and you should not omit to ask neighbours, friends and family members who've had systems installed for their advice as well. You should, when getting an estimate from a solar panel company in UK, enquire if they know about any grants or subsidies from local organisations and councils, which might help to reduce your initial expenditure.

Before accepting a quote you ought to be able to view a collection of solar installations carried out by the company on comparable houses. A good solar panel installer in UK will be delighted to show off their experience in the green energy industry and their list of past clients, by providing a detailed portfolio for you to flick through.

There are some professional associations, organisations and bodies that are specific to the green energy industry. These organisations offer qualifications, training and support relating to all equipment, working practices and health & safety for every aspect of solar, and other green energy generation systems. Membership to one or more of the following alternative energy organisations should be a requirement before hiring any solar panel installation contractor in UK.

The Renewable Energy Association - Within the clean technology and alternative energy sector, the largest professional body is the REA. It offers training to over 500 company members and applies their influence to commit Great Britain to the possibility of a zero carbon economy as soon as possible.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Solar panel systems ought to be put in by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified company in UK. The MCS offers recognition in the solar energy industry, and is an indication of quality for the installation company, and all of its provided solar energy equipment.

STA (Solar Trade Association) - Provides cutting-edge technology solutions and training by working closely with local authorities, Government and industry, as well as leading figures in the green and solar energy sector. Highly regarded within the solar generation industry, the STA has a membership ranging from localised domestic installers to multi-national corporations.
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