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Solar Panel Installation Dawley Shropshire (TF4): If you're looking into reducing your hot water bills or generating electricity with a solar power installation on your Dawley home, what do you need to look for to get the best out of it? No one would argue that it's a great time to be looking into solar panel installations with Government backed schemes, such as the Smart Export Guarantee providing ways of making some money from these systems.

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The generation of electricity from the sun's rays is generally known as "solar photovoltaic", frequently called solar PV. You can obtain great results from an installation on your property, as there's sufficient sunlight in Dawley for solar PV to function successfully. If you're able to suitably position a solar installation on your property's roof, you can lower your electricity bills significantly, and by taking advantage of the SEG, even get cash reimbursed by your energy provider for the electricity that you haven't used.

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To help homeowners in Dawley save energy and lower their carbon footprint, they can access the government backed Green Homes Grant to cover a great deal of the cost of a solar PV installation. You can submit an application for this grant, which was announced in July 2020, of between £5,000 - £10,000 if you're applying green energy improvements to your home. Pair the Green Homes Grant scheme with the SEG scheme and you will realise why this is the ideal time to earnestly consider installing solar panels on your Dawley home.


No matter what size your home is, the need for instant hot water is always there. In the winter months, even during the reduced sunlight hours and weaker sun strength, it will preheat your water and lower the quantity of energy needed to bring it up to temperature. In the summer months, a correctly fitted solar thermal system should meet all your hot water needs.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is also available to any house owner in Dawley who's using a solar powered thermal installation to warm up their water. Following its successful initial introduction in the commercial sector some years earlier, the Renewable Heat Incentive was introduced for residential use on the 9th April 2014. The support plan offered lasts for seven years for all anyone who switch to renewable heating methods. Eligible subscribers to the Renewable Heat Incentive get a quarterly cash return, determined by the type and size of equipment in place, which lasts the entire seven years included in the scheme.


Prior to commencing any solar installation on your property in Dawley, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Will you need to get planning permission? - In most instances you should not need planning permission for installing solar panels on your home in Dawley. However if you reside in a conservation area, own a listed building or have a flat roof, you'll have to check with the local council for any restrictions that may exist.
  2. Do solar panels on my house have an effect on its market value? - As outlined by the Homeowners Association, it is the case that positive and negative affects have occurred in the past due to solar panel installations on properties. It's a tough decision to make, but in the vast majority of circumstances installing solar panels increases the market value of your home, as people in general are becoming more environmentally aware about the impact they have on our planet.
  3. Does your roof face south or south-west? - This is the perfect direction to capture the maximum amount of sunlight with your solar panels.
  4. Does your roof get sunlight throughout the day, or is it sometimes shaded by buildings or trees? - Any amount of shade on the solar panels will lower their working capability and might even render them ineffective.
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Additional Income - With the SEG, any excess electricity generated by solar panels can be sold back to your utility provider. This can be applied as a payment towards your 3 monthly utility bill, or as cash paid directly to you. This involves the setting up of a short contract between the electricity provider and the homeowner. The advantage of this situation is that you're not bound to any one electricity supplier, and when your contract is up for renewal, you can readily switch companies.

Maintenance Free - The low maintenance needs of solar panel installations makes them especially appealing. The solar panels require only an annual clean and should last for around 25 years. A solar PV installation with battery storage capacity will require more maintenance than a basic grid tie system, however the efficiency, life and storage of batteries is getting better as technology advances.

Noise-Free - Solar panels entirely silent. Other green energy options, like wind generators, can make sounds which some people in Dawley find aggravating. There are essentially no moving parts with a solar panel system, therefore there's nothing that's going to make a noise.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint - The creation of green, renewable energy is possible through the installation of either a solar thermal system or solar PV on your house in Dawley. The power produced by solar panel installations does not create pollutants or emissions and could save almost 2 tonnes of damaging carbon emissions from your property in Dawley every year.

Reducing Bills - There's certainly no charge for the greatest source of energy that we know: the sun. Would it not be a wise idea to make the most of that fact? You should discover that your electricity bills will be less expensive, as soon as you've invested in your solar PV installation The size of your solar installation will affect the type of savings you can achieve, but a typical solar PV system could save you ninety and three hundred and seventy pounds (subject to your circumstances) per year on your bills.


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If you have friends, neighbours or family members who've had a solar panel installation on their houses, it is always good to ask their advice on installers in Dawley; however you should still get a minimum of three estimates. To reduce the initial outlay for buying and fitting your solar panels, it is a good idea to enquire about any grants that are currently available locally for sustainable energy schemes, while you're collecting your estimates.

It's also crucial to see some evidence of projects that have been completed by any potential solar panel installer you're looking into. To showcase their workmanship on all kinds of homes, a professional and competent solar installation firm in Dawley will have an extensive photographic portfolio.

Affiliation with, or membership of at least one renewable energy organisation is something that any high quality solar panel installer in Dawley should have. Advice, technological updates and training on everything related to the alternative energy sector, are offered by these specialist trade organisations. When picking out your solar installation company in Dawley, look for membership of one of the following professional bodies in the green and alternative energy sector.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Any installation of photovoltaic systems in Dawley must be undertaken by a MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approved company. MCS approval is a mark of quality for an solar installation contractor, and for all the solar electricity generation equipment it provides. The MCS advocates the following renewable technologies: ASHPs (air source heat pumps), bio-mass, solar panels and battery storage.

The Solar Trade Association (STA) - Always on the leading edge of alternative technology, the Solar Trade Association (STA) works along with Government agencies, industry and local authorities to provide solar solutions across the country. Well respected within the solar industry, the Solar Trade Association has members ranging from small scale residential installers to multi-national corporations.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - Within the green energy and clean technology industry, the premier trade body is the REA (Renewable Energy Association). It's involved in training and swaying policy towards net-zero carbon emissions, and currently has more than five hundred members.

Solar Panel Installation Quotes in Dawley Shropshire

Is Solar Energy Worth the Investment?

We may not know exactly how it is going to help the environment, but many of us are aware that it's an alternative energy option and what it does. There are a lot of fabulous things about solar energy but there are as well a few negative things which you should be aware of before investing in it.

One of the best reasons people in Dawley spend money on solar panels is the fact that they can save a lot of money in the long run. By setting up solar panels, you won't need to pay monthly bills for electricity which is going to save you money. But getting to that stage is costly. You get to the stage of delighting in free power only when you've recouped the large sum of cash you have to pay upfront for the panels and installation, and this is achieved from the monthly savings, over some time (known as the payback period). Your monthly savings is evidently crucial to how long before you truly enjoy free power; thus, if your monthly bill is large, it is going to take less time than if you have a small power bill. You could be lucky and get aid with the initial cost from an unexpected source, as your government might extend an incentive for you to set up solar panels.

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The next most crucial thing going for solar energy is that it's environmentally friendly. Solar energy generation does not call for any burning or emissions, unlike conventional fuel sources, which is the reason it's called "clean" - the direct advantage being that it does not harm the environment and our health. Global warming and acid rain are two major environmental concerns, and solar energy doesn't lend itself to these at all. The sun is the best source of solar energy, and as long as it goes on giving off energy, solar energy is going to be freely available to us.

Also, solar energy is quite discreet as it can be set up on the top of buildings, meaning it's not an eyesore unlike wind turbines; however, if you have solar panels on the ground, they can affect the landscape just like wind turbines, so it's crucial to consider their location and placement. Obviously, if direct sun can't get to the solar panels, they would be ineffectual, so they need to be situated correctly. The panels do not emit any noise or smell, which adds to their ability to merge subtly with their surrounding.

Solar energy systems don't need much upkeep, except for initial installation and they are going to last for years, which means you can set them up and leave them there for many, many years. Of course, one issue is that nighttime means "lights out" for solar energy. In order to have energy at night, you can set up a battery, or other back-up system. The only cost here is for installing them, since they can be recharged for free with solar energy.

If you're searching for an alternative power source, solar is a really good choice. Besides the initial expenses, it costs you nothing, and it's beneficial to the environment. Solar energy actually appears to be a great way to go if you want to look after the environment and likewise save money on energy.

Solar Panel Batteries

The solar energy that's produced by your photovoltaic panels can be stored in a solar battery. This can be used to power your phone, appliances or home. The capacity and size of your solar batteries will be based on your requirements. For example, if you frequently use a fridge or air conditioning, a single battery won't be sufficient.

Solar Battery Storage

The DoD (Depth of Discharge) should also be taken into account, when you're shopping for a solar battery for your new energy system. The higher the DoD is, the longer the battery will last. The least cost-efficient batteries are the ones that are over discharged or degraded, because less energy is stored. The quantity of energy which is available to use depends on the capacity of your battery.

The battery can be charged up to be used in the evening or during periods when the sun is not out. This should save money on your utility bill because you'll not be paying for electricity during those down times. Additionally, solar panels will continue to provide power even when it's cloudy. Any unwanted energy can be sold back the your electricity company, reducing your bills even more. This is particularly useful during power cuts.

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a vital component in any solar panel system, because it converts DC electricity into AC. The solar inverter is what makes it possible for you to use the energy generated by your solar panels by converting the DC electricity into AC. It's as straightforward as this - without a solar inverter, you lack the capability to use your solar energy to power your home safely.

A solar panel system is only efficient if all components are of high quality, including the inverter. The inverter helps to maximize the energy output from your solar panels. The four main classes of solar inverters available for solar panel usage are: power optimisers, hybrid inverters, micro-inverters and string inverters. You need to talk to a professional solar panel installer to find out which is the best solar inverter for your specific system.

How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a House?

Energy consumption, panel efficiency, and available space are factors that impact the number of solar panels required to power a house, leading to variation. Roughly estimated, a typical residential solar panel system in the United Kingdom generates approximately 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) of power. With an average daily electricity consumption of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh), fulfilling those needs would require approximately 5 kW of solar panels. The exact number of panels needed will vary based on factors like wattage, efficiency, and others. It is advisable to consult a qualified solar panel installer who can offer a more precise assessment, taking into account your specific requirements and conditions.

Ground Source Heating Systems Dawley

In Dawley, buildings and homes can be heated using ground source heating systems, also referred to as geothermal heating systems, which use the consistent earth temperature as a heat source. The elimination of the need to burn fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon emissions make this renewable source of energy highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

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By circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze through pipes buried deep underground, a ground source heating system can absorb heat from the earth and transfer it to a heat pump. Amplification of the heat and its distribution throughout the building is carried out by the heat pump.

Despite the higher upfront expense, geothermal heating systems can be a cost-effective choice for home and business owners in the long term because of the reduced energy bills and maintenance expenses. These systems are a smart investment for those who want a sustainable and long-term heating solution, as they are highly durable and can last for several decades.

Financial incentives such as grants and rebates are available from some governments to homeowners who install geothermal heating systems, making them a more affordable and accessible option for those interested in increasing energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. In a nutshell, with their environmentally friendly and sustainable nature, ground source heating systems offer a durable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling buildings and homes in Dawley.

Solar Panel Installers Dawley

Solar panel installers play a crucial role in the transition to renewable energy sources. The installation of solar panels on rooftops, grounds, and other structures in Dawley is carefully and precisely carried out by these skilled professionals. To ensure optimal positioning for maximum energy capture, their work involves assessing the site's suitability and configuring solar arrays.

In addition to their technical expertise, solar panel installers make a significant contribution to reducing carbon footprints and energy bills for homes and businesses. They enable the capture of clean, renewable solar energy, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lessening environmental impacts.

Solar panel installers are in high demand in a rapidly growing industry. In addition to its environmental benefits, their work also creates jobs and stimulates local economies. The world's shift towards renewable energy is dependent on essential catalysts such as these professionals, who are making solar power accessible to a broader population and helping to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. (33224 - Solar Panel Installers Dawley)

Solar Panel Relocation

Solar Panel Relocation Dawley

Solar panel relocation is the name given to the procedure of moving pre-existing solar panels from one location to another. This endeavour can be necessitated by the desire to optimise the production of solar energy, among other factors such as changes in property ownership and structural alterations. Regardless of the reasons, technical expertise, careful planning and coordination are the keys to a successful changeover of solar panel relocation.

One of the primary reasons for considering solar panel relocation is a change of property ownership. The new occupant of a property in Dawley might want to relocate the solar panels to a different location or change the way they are facing to maximise solar energy production. They may also want to make changes to the solar system's inverter to improve its efficiency. Roof repairs or renovations can also prompt relocation. Temporary removal of solar panels is sometimes necessary for roof repairs. The relocation process ensures the correct reinstallation of the solar panels after the roofing work has been finished.

Optimisation of solar energy production is another factor driving relocation. Shading that reduces the efficiency of solar panels can result from tree growth, changes in landscaping or new construction nearby as properties and homes evolve. In such instances, relocation can position the panels in a sunnier spot, thereby increasing energy production. This can be particularly advantageous for householders or businesses seeking to enhance their renewable energy output. (68451 - Solar Panel Relocation Dawley)

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Dawley Solar Panel Tasks

Dawley Solar Panel Tasks

Your local Dawley solar panel installers should be able to assist you with several sustainable energy services including stuff like cheap solar panels, solar panel installation quotations, 400 watt solar panels Dawley, solar panel repairs Dawley, 300 watt solar panels Dawley, alternative energy solutions, EV charging, wind turbines in Dawley, solar PV for business, solar PV upgrades, bespoke solar panel mounting solutions, solar panel installations, renewable heating solutions in Dawley, shower heat recovery, solar panel maintenance, solar panels with battery, LED lighting Dawley, sustainable energy solutions, the installation of solar panels Dawley, electric heating, photovoltaic solar panels, solar system safety checks, solar panel replacement, industrial solar panel installations Dawley, solar energy grants Dawley, renewable heat installations, solar panel relocation, solar panel cleaning, solar panel systems, solar photovoltaic energy systems, solar thermal heating installations, solar PV inverters, solar panels for greenhouses, energy storage, residential solar panel installation, and other similar services in Dawley, Shropshire (TF4). Listed are just an example of the tasks that are undertaken by those specialising in solar panels. Dawley providers will keep you informed about their full range of solar services.

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