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Solar Panel Installation Bishopbriggs Scotland (G64): If you're wondering about installing solar panels, either for electric generation or thermal (hot water), for your Bishopbriggs home or business premises, it is helpful to know a little about the pluses and minuses of exactly what is involved. The time certainly looks right for taking this step, with Government guaranteed grants and deals to reduce the costs involved, and the possibility of selling back unused electricity via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme.

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The proper term for producing electricity from the sun is "solar photovoltaic", or simply, solar PV. You may not believe that there is enough sunlight in Bishopbriggs to effectively accomplish this, but decent results can be attained via solar PV. If you want to lower your power bills and can effectively locate a photovoltaic panel installation on your house, you will also be able to gain money from your electricity provider courtesy of the SEG scheme.

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There are also ways to lower the outlay on any solar powered installation by submitting an application for a Green Homes Grant. You can make an application for this grant, which was announced in July 2020, of between five and ten thousand pounds if you're applying certain green energy measures to your house. So, when you consider that you can couple the Green Homes Grant with the added benefits of the SEG, you might think that now is the optimal time to install solar panels onto your property in Bishopbriggs.


Every household and business requires hot water, so why not generate it from the sun? The quantity of gas or electricity that is necessary to bring your water up to the temperature that is required can be lowered even with the decreased amount of sunlight in the winter months in Bishopbriggs. In summer it's even quite possible to have all your hot water requirements fulfilled with a solar thermal system fitted.

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Schemes available to Bishopbriggs homeowners include the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). Once only available to the commercial sector, the RHI was introduced for domestic use in April 2014. Lasting for seven years, it is a support scheme designed to help anyone who switches to renewable technology for their heating. All signed up members of the Renewable Heat Incentive will receive a three monthly cash payout for the period of this scheme.


Before you think about starting the installation of a solar panel system onto the roof of your property in Bishopbriggs, there are quite a few matters that must be looked into, such as:

  1. Do solar panels on my home have an effect on its market value? - Solar energy installations have been known to both negatively and positively impact on property prices. It is really a tough call to make, nevertheless in most circumstances the installation of solar panels increases the value of your home, as people in general are becoming more environmentally conscious about their impact on the world.
  2. Does your roof have any tall buildings or overhanging trees nearby that throw shade on it? - You want as much sunlight as possible for maximum efficiency, and any shade will lower the power generated by the solar panels.
  3. Is planning permission necessary for your location or property? - In the vast majority of cases you will not need to have planning permission on your Bishopbriggs home for solar energy panels on your roof. However if you have a listed building, live in a conservation area or have a flat roof, you will want to consult with your local council of any specific restrictions that might affect you.
  4. Does your roof face in a southerly or south-westerly direction? - Solar panels need to face in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to absorb the maximum amount of light from the sun's rays.
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Noise Pollution - You won't experience noise pollution from a solar PV system. Property owners can be troubled by the noises that are emitted by other green energy options - wind generators for instance. Because there aren't any moving components in solar panels in Bishopbriggs, they don't make any noise.

Generate Income - Through the Government subsidised SEG, you can sell any unused electricity that you generate back to your service provider. This can be deducted from your future energy bills, or paid directly to you as a cash payment. This is arranged as a short-term contract between your electricity supplier and you. The short term contract is beneficial to customers as it allows them to switch providers for the cheapest tariffs once the contract is finished.

Maintenance - What makes solar panel installations in Bishopbriggs even more attractive is the very little maintenance required over their life span. The solar panels require only a once yearly cleaning and should give good service for a minimum of 25 years. If your solar panel installation uses batteries for storage, these must be replaced every 10 years or so, but as technology is continually improving, efficiency and battery life is progressing each year.

Reducing Bills - The biggest energy source we have available to us is the sun. So, there is no reason not to take advantage of it - is there? After you've invested in your solar installation you'll find that your energy bills will go down. Just how much will depend upon the extent of your installation, but even a typical sized solar energy system can give a saving of between £90 - £370 a year on your electricity bill in the Bishopbriggs area.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint - Generating renewable, green energy in your family is realistic using either thermal or solar PV systems on your property. Through the application of such eco-friendly systems, you will be able to knock approximately two tonnes off your damaging carbon emissions every year.


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It is sound practice to get a minimum of three quotes from different solar installers in Bishopbriggs, and you should not forget to ask friends, neighbours or family who have had panels installed for their advice as well. When getting a price quote, ask about grants on offer in the local area for sustainable energy schemes, to help in reducing the initial outlay for buying and installing your solar powered system.

Before you set your sights on any particular solar panel installer, always ask to see some detailed information about previously completed projects. By offering a photographic portfolio for you to flick through, a first-rate solar system installer in Bishopbriggs will be proud to show off their experience in the green energy industry and their list of past customers.

A professional solar panel installer in Bishopbriggs really should have affiliation with or membership of at least one alternative energy trade body. These professional associations are important for any individual or company in the sustainable energy industry, providing training, safety regulations and technology advances to their registered members. Membership to one or more of the following alternative energy bodies ought to be a requirement before deciding on any Bishopbriggs solar panel installer.

REA - The largest organisation acting for the clean technology and sustainable energy sector in the United Kingdom is the Renewable Energy Association. It's committed to providing training and influencing policy towards a zero carbon economy, and currently has over five hundred member contractors.

STA (Solar Trade Association) - Continually at the forefront of alternative technology, the STA (Solar Trade Association) works with local councils, Government agencies and industry to offer solar solutions all around the UK. Its membership ranges from multi-national companies to small scale domestic installers, and all are highly esteemed within the solar generation industry.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - Documentation from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a requirement for all residential green energy systems and their installation technicians to hold across the UK. The MCS provides a level of recognition in the solar energy industry, and is a benchmark of top quality for the installation company, in addition to all of its provided solar energy equipment. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme champions and supports the following low-carbon technologies: solar photovoltaic panels, battery storage, biomass heat generation and ASHPs (air source heat pumps).

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Solar panel companies can be accessed in Duntocher, Anniesland, Bowling, Croftamie, Killearn, Old Kilpatrick, Campsie Glen, Torrance, Hardgate, Strathblane, in the following postcodes: G64 1JS, G64 1AY, G64 1BY, G64 1AL, G64 1EF, G64 1BU, G64 1EQ, G64 1DA, G64 1LE, and G64 1JY, and in Bishopbriggs itself. It's very likely that any solar panel installers in the local district is going to have the telephone dialling code Dialling code 0141 and the postcode G64. You'll want to confirm this if you are keen on using a locally based solar panel installer. Local homeowners can benefit from these green energy services.

Solar Panel Maintenance Bishopbriggs

If you want a reliable source of green energy for your Bishopbriggs home, by all mean consider investing in solar panels. But, don't imagine you can just leave them up there and forget about them, because routine maintenance is crucial. Solar panel producers advise cleaning your panels a minimum of two times and a maximum of four times per year. You can determine if your panels are producing less energy than usual by using a monitoring system. It could be the result of dirty panels caused by debris accumulation. Proper maintenance of your panels will optimise their performance and increase their lifespan. If you have ground mounted solar panels, they are more manageable to maintain than roof mounted ones. Ground-mounted panels are susceptible to problems during heavy rain, such as bounce back and mud splashes, based on the type of ground they have been installed on. The panels must be assessed for damage during snowfall and after any thunderstorms or hail to ensure their proper functioning.... READ MORE.

Ground Source Heating Systems Bishopbriggs

To warm homes and buildings in Bishopbriggs, ground source heating systems or geothermal heating systems are used, which rely on the constant earth temperature as a heat source. Environmentally friendly and highly efficient, this renewable energy source eliminates the need for fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions.

Ground Source Heating Systems Bishopbriggs

Through the circulation of a mixture of antifreeze and water in pipes that are buried deep underground, a ground source heating system absorbs heat from the earth and conveys it to a heat pump. The heat pump then amplifies the heat and distributes it throughout the building.

The higher initial cost of ground source heating systems, compared to conventional heating systems, can be offset by the long-term savings through reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs. Such heating systems are perfect for those who want a sustainable and long-term heating solution due to their high durability, which allows them to last for many years.

Together with providing heating, geothermal heating systems can cool buildings in warm weather by reversing the heating process, effectively providing both cooling and heating. In addition, some governments offer financial incentives, such as rebates and grants, for home and property owners who install geothermal heating systems, making them a more accessible and affordable option for those interested in increasing energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. To summarise, geothermal or ground source heating systems are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for heating and cooling homes and buildings in Bishopbriggs, with durability and long-term cost savings.

How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a House?

The variation in the number of solar panels needed to power a house is influenced by factors like panel efficiency, energy consumption, location, and available space. Around 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) of power is roughly generated by a typical residential solar panel system in the United Kingdom. Assuming an average daily electricity consumption of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh), you would need approximately 5 kW of solar panels to meet those needs. The exact number of panels needed will vary based on factors like efficiency, wattage, and others. It's recommended to consult a reputable solar panel installer who can provide a more accurate assessment based on your specific requirements and conditions.

Solar Panel Relocation

Moving pre-existing solar panels from one location to another is a process called solar panel relocation. This undertaking can be necessitated by a variety of factors, including changes in property ownership, structural modifications, or the desire to optimise the production of solar energy. A successful changeover of the relocation of solar panels is not possible without coordination, technical expertise and careful planning, regardless of the actual reason.

A change of property ownership serves as a significant driver behind considering solar panel relocation. The new householder of a home in Bishopbriggs may have different requirements for solar panel placement, such as wanting them on a different roof or facing a different direction. They may also want to adapt the solar system to their energy consumption patterns, such as by adding more panels or changing the inverter. Relocation can also be prompted by roof repairs or renovations. The temporary removal of solar panels is sometimes necessary in order to carry out roofing repairs. The relocation process ensures that the solar panels are correctly reinstalled after the roofing work has been finished. (15486)

Bishopbriggs Solar Panel Tasks

Bishopbriggs Solar Panel Tasks

You probably came here trying to find basic solar information, yet your local Bishopbriggs solar panel installer can deliver a wide range of additional services and tasks, and these may include sustainable energy solutions Bishopbriggs, solar installation advice, green energy solutions Bishopbriggs, biomass boiler installation, electric heating Bishopbriggs, solar hot water system installation in Bishopbriggs, solar energy grants, solar thermal installations Bishopbriggs, solar panel installations, 400 watt solar panels Bishopbriggs, ground source heating systems, solar photovoltaic energy systems Bishopbriggs, batteries & smart grids, the replacement of solar panels in Bishopbriggs, battery backup systems, new build solar panel installation in Bishopbriggs, the maintenance of solar panels, ground mounted solar PV, alternative energy solutions, photovoltaic solar panels Bishopbriggs, solar panel installation quotes in Bishopbriggs, smart home technology, solar panel replacement, solar panel bird proofing in Bishopbriggs, residential solar panel installation, solar panel installation, solar panels for greenhouses, EV charging, 100w solar panels Bishopbriggs, industrial solar panel installations, solar panel cleaning, solar panels, air source heat pumps, renewable heating Bishopbriggs, solar PV for business Bishopbriggs, and others I can't think of right now. These services are just some of those offered by the local solar panel installer. If you have green energy requirements in Bishopbriggs, that you cannot find here here, you can go HERE and fill in our quote form.


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