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Solar Panel Installation Fleet Hampshire (GU51): The installation of solar energy panels is in the forefront of many people's thoughts right now, what with worries about the environment and continually rising energy costs, it's not that surprising - but what are the pros and cons of installing solar panels on your house in Fleet? There are Government endorsed grants and schemes to help reduce the costs involved, and the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee), that replaced the feed-in tariff scheme, can even generate a small income from your solar installation.

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The technical expression for generating electricity from the sun's rays is solar photovoltaic, or just, solar PV. In Fleet, and all over the United Kingdom on the whole, more than enough sunlight can be processed by photovoltaic panels to attain decent results from an installation on your property. A properly located photovoltaic panel installation can lessen your energy bills and maybe even generate a modest income through the Smart Export Guarantee scheme (SEG).

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By accessing the government endorsed Green Homes Grant, you can even get assistance with your outlay on solar energy panels. Through this scheme, which was revealed by the Government in July 2020, if you're contemplating doing energy saving improvements to your home, you can make an application for up to £10,000 in grants. So, when you look at the fact that you can couple the Green Homes Grant with the added benefits of the SEG, you may think that this is a good time to install solar panels onto your house in Fleet.


By using energy from the sun, solar thermal installations will allow you to greatly reduce your heating and hot water bills. In the winter months, even with the reduced hours of sunlight and weaker strength of sun, it will successfully heat up your water and lower the amount of energy needed to bring it up to a suitable temperature. During the summertime, a properly installed solar thermal system will quite possibly fulfill all of your needs for hot water.

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Solar panel thermal systems can be included in the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme. The RHI scheme was brought in for household use in 2014 after its successful initial introduction in the commercial marketplace a few years before. Lasting for 7 years, it's a scheme of support designed to help all those who switch to renewable methods of heating. If your home in Fleet is eligible to join the RHI, you'll receive a cash payout every 3 months over the seven year period.


Prior to commencing any solar related installation on your home in Fleet, there are some matters to bear in mind:

  1. Does your home's roof have any tall buildings or overhanging trees close by that shade it? - Any shade on the solar panels is going to reduce their working capability and may even render them largely ineffectual.
  2. Is your roof facing south or south-west? - Solar energy panels need to face in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to absorb the maximum possible amount of power from the sun's rays.
  3. Does the installation of solar panels on my house have an impact on its resale value? - According to the Homeowners Association, it is the case that positive and negative variations have occurred in the past on account of solar installations on properties. As understanding grows about climatic changes and the environment, it has been noticed that the positive impacts on house prices have increased.
  4. Is planning permission needed for your area or property? - In most cases you should not require planning permission for the installation of solar panels on your property in Fleet. But if you have a listed building, have a flat roof or live in a conservation area, you will have to consult with the local council of any particular limitations that might affect you.
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No Noise Pollution - No noise is created by solar PV installations. People can be disturbed by the sounds which are given off by other alternative energy solutions - wind generators for example. The main reason that solar PV installations do not make any noise is because there are no moving parts.

Extra Income - If your solar array generates more electrical power than you need, you are able to sell this back to your supplier using the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme. This could be in cash or as credit added to your power bill every quarter. This will be set up as a short-term contract between your electricity supplier and you. These short contracts give householders the ability to change electric companies and get the best deals.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint - Solar thermal systems and solar PV both supply, renewable green energy. You could prevent up to two tonnes of damaging carbon emissions each year through the installation of a solar PV and thermal hot water system on your Fleet home.

Reducing Bills - There's certainly no charge at all for the biggest energy source we know: namely the sun. Therefore why don't you make use of this free energy in your home? Apart from the initial outlay of installing your solar installation, there should be very few maintenance charges to be concerned with, and you should begin to notice a lowering of your power bills fairly quickly. In the Fleet area, a typical sized solar PV installation could save households up to three hundred and seventy pounds, at 2020 prices, annually on their electricity bill.

Maintenance Free - One of the more appealing attributes of solar energy panels is that they are virtually maintenance free. And apart from an occasional cleaning, the panels can be left unattended and will carry on working and generate electricity for 25 years or more. If batteries are being used in your solar installation in Fleet, these might need to be upgraded in time, although as this technology is rapidly advancing, they are bound to last increasingly longer.


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It is good practice to obtain a minimum of three quotations from different solar panel installers in Fleet, and you should not forget to ask neighbours, friends and family who've had panels installed for their advice as well. When obtaining an estimate, ask about grants on offer in the Fleet area for renewable energy schemes, to help in reducing the initial outlay for buying and installing your solar powered system.

The surveyor will also provide a means by which to see recent installations on comparable properties for you to check out; either through a catalogue or via a webpage. So that you can study their standard of work and experience in the green energy industry, any reputable Fleet company will have a photographic portfolio of clients and installations.

The renewable energy industry is represented by various professional organisations, associations and bodies. Technological updates, advice and training on everything relating to the sustainable energy sector, are offered by these specialist trade bodies. When you're on the lookout for a contractor to do your solar panel installation in Fleet, you should give preference to one that is a registered member of one or more of these trade bodies.

MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) - The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is the recognised mark all solar panel installers and solar equipment, ought to have in the British Isles. A contractor that's recognised by the MCS, has a team of engineers who are fully qualified and trained, and installs only good quality solar technology. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme supports the following green technologies: air source heat pumps (ASHP's), biomass heating systems, solar photovoltaic and solar battery storage.

REA - In the clean technology and sustainable energy industry, the REA (Renewable Energy Association) is the UK's premier professional organisation. It provides education and training to more than 500 company members and uses their combined influence to commit the UK to the notion of a zero carbon economy in the foreseeable future.

The Solar Trade Association - Constantly on the front line of green technology, the Solar Trade Association works alongside local authorities, Government agencies and industry to deliver solar solutions all around Great Britain. Its members range from multi-national companies to small scale domestic installers, and all are highly regarded within the solar industry.

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Is Your Household Solar Power-Ready?

Since the beginning of time, sun has been in abundance, and it will always be there. Due to the high energy bills, there is increasing interest in alternative energy sources. Many people around the world have chosen to use solar energy. Due to the constant improvements in technology and price, more and more houses are using solar power. You can get a lot of energy in your home from merely a few solar panels.

One issue is that many dwellings are not built to take full advantage of sunshine. At least the newer solar systems have a better design, allowing for more electricity with less sunlight. The solar power systems today are set up at a steeper angle which produces energy in a more efficient manner even if the houses are not positioned well. Many solar panel systems these days use a rail system which allows the solar panels to be positioned for maximum exposure. Addtionally, the design allows for expansion if desired.

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Before you install a solar energy system, you need to be aware of your electricity requirements. Once you have worked out your family's energy consumption, you will know how big a solar power system you will need. Depending on your abilities and resources, you might want to start small, and leave room to expand afterwards. Once set up, you can expect to see a fall by as much as 80% in your energy bill within one year. You can begin with a system that runs the outdoor lights then gradually have it setup to power the electricity in your house.

When installing your solar power system, the most important element is the inverter. You need to make sure that you have the right size because the inverter will convert DC to AC. If you select the incorrect size, your solar power system will fail to meet your home's energy needs. Even if you start small, having a big inverter will allow for expansion later. You will need to have a certified electrician to have this set up the right way. The unsafest part of setting it up is properly connecting your solar energy system to your electrical system. Don't do this by yourself unless you are a certified electrician.

Governments are providing incentives for individuals to install a solar power system. Helping to stay clean and efficient plus doing it without a lot of money should be inducement enough to put in a solar power system. If you want to lead a greener life, this is a terrific thing to do.

Solar Panel Relocation Fleet

Solar Panel Relocation Fleet

The act of relocating solar panels involves shifting the existing panels from their original location to a new site. The relocation of solar panels may become necessary due to reasons like roof repairs, property ownership changes, or the goal of maximizing solar energy production. Careful planning and assessment are essential for relocation to guarantee the safe disconnection, transportation, and reinstallation of the panels in the new location. The successful completion of the task may depend on collaboration between roofers, solar specialists and electricians.

The proficient relocation of solar panels can unlock the potential for increased energy generation, allowing home or business owners in Fleet to seamlessly enjoy the benefits of cheap energy in their new setup. Also, a well-executed relocation can preserve the continued efficiency and sustainability of the panels in the new location, extending their life expectancy. (15486)

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Fleet Solar Panel Tasks

Fleet Solar Panel Tasks

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