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Solar Panel Installation Wantage Oxfordshire (OX12): If you are looking at reducing your hot water bills or generating electricity with a solar installation on your Wantage property, what should you watch out for to get the best results from it? There's never been a felicitous time to look into solar energy installation with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), enabling you to sell back any surplus power you produce.

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The generation of electricity from the sun's rays is generally known as "solar photovoltaic", commonly simply called solar PV. Great results and energy generation can be accomplished by photovoltaic panels installed on your home in Wantage. A properly positioned solar panel installation can reduce your power bills and even produce a modest income by making use of the SEG scheme.

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Additionally, there are ways to lessen the outlay on any solar powered installation by sending in an application for a Green Homes Grant. Through this scheme, which the Government introduced in 2020, if you're looking at doing energy saving improvements to your home, you can submit an application for anything up to 10 thousand pounds in grants. You have the perfect opportunity at this point, by using the Green Home Grant and Smart Export Guarantee scheme, to install a solar energy system on your Wantage property, for a small fraction of the overall cost, and get a small quarterly income from it.


Irrespective of what size your house is, the demand for constant hot water is always demanded. In wintertime, even during the reduced hours of sunlight and weaker sun strength, it will successfully preheat your water and help reduce the amount of energy needed to bring it up to the right temperature for use. In the sunnier summer season it is even possible to satisfy all of your hot water demands with a photovoltaic thermal system installed.

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You are entitled to sign up the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, if you decide to install a solar powered hot water or heating system to your property in Wantage. After its initial take up in the business marketplace, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme was also offered to domestic users in 2014. The scheme, which provides a seven year package of support, is backed by a government guarantee for householders changing to renewables. Based on the type and size of equipment that's installed, qualified members of the RHI receive a quarterly cash payout, for the entire 7 years covered by this scheme.


If you think you're ready to install solar panels on your Wantage property, you need to think about these factors:

  1. Does your property's roof have any tall buildings or overgrown trees nearby that throw shade on it? - You need to have full sunlight for maximum efficiency, and any shading will lower the energy results from the solar panels.
  2. Does your roof have a south or south-west facing aspect? - This is the best direction from which to capture the maximum amount of sunlight on your solar panels.
  3. Do you need planning permission? - In the majority of cases you'll not need to apply for planning permission on your Wantage property for solar energy installations on your roof. However if you have a flat roof, reside in a conservation area or own a listed building, you'll want to double-check with the local authority of any specific limitations that might affect you.
  4. Do solar panels on my property have any effect on its market value? - As established by the Homeowners Association, it is the case that negative and positive variations have occurred in the past because of solar energy installations on a property. Recent research suggests however, that thanks to the growing environmental awareness, solar panel installations are showing more positive impacts on property prices than ever before.
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Low Carbon Footprint - The generation of green, renewable energy is possible by installing either a solar PV or solar thermal system on your property in Wantage. The power generated by solar panels creates no pollutants or emissions and could save approximately two tonnes of damaging carbon emissions from your property every year.

Low-Maintenance - The fact that solar panel installations require little or no maintenance is among their more attractive aspects. Apart from occasional cleaning, the solar panels can be left alone and should carry on working and generate electricity for twenty five years or more. If battery storage is being employed as part of your solar installation in Wantage, these may have to be upgraded with time, but as this technology is rapidly advancing, they are bound to last longer and longer.

Reduced Bills - The greatest energy source that we have available to us is the power of the sun. Therefore why not make good use of this free energy in your home? Once the initial expenditure has been made on your solar installation, you will begin to detect a drop in your monthly electricity charges. Homeowners in Wantage could save as much as three hundred and seventy pounds annually on their electric bill (in 2020), with a typical sized solar PV installation.

Generate Income - Any unneeded power your solar panels generate can easily be sold back to your utility provider via the SEG, Government funded scheme. You can get this pay out as a three monthly cash transfer, or use it as payment towards your power bill. This Government backed scheme is a contract between the home owner and their utility supplier. The short term contract is beneficial to home owners as it permits them to switch suppliers for the best tariffs whenever the contract comes to an end.

No Noise Pollution - You won't experience sound from a solar PV system. Other alternative energy options, such as wind turbines, can make a noise which certain people find annoying. Because thermal and solar PV systems in Wantage have no moving parts during normal operation, there's no noise made by the equipment or panels.


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When you are looking for someone to carry out your solar panel installation, it is wise to get a minimum of three estimates from nearby installers. You could also get references from family members, friends or neighbours if any of them have recently had solar panels fitted. You should, when obtaining a price quote from a solar installation company in Wantage, enquire if they know about any grants or subsidies from local organisations and councils, which can help with your initial investment.

Any potential solar panel installer that you are considering should also be able to provide information on projects they have recently carried out. A decent solar installation company in Wantage will be proud to showcase their history of clients and their experience in the installation industry, by offering a photographic portfolio for you to look through.

The alternative energy industry is a fast growing marketplace and there are several professional associations, organisations and trade bodies to support those involved in it. For every aspect of solar, and green energy generation systems, these trade bodies offer training, support and qualifications relating to all equipment, health & safety and working practices. Membership to one or more of the following alternative energy organisations ought to be a pre-requisite before hiring any Wantage solar panel installer.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - This is the premier trade body in the clean technology and alternative energy sector in the British Isles. The REA uses its power to influence government policy in relation to alternative energy sources, and provides training facilities for over 500 member businesses as it works towards net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme - The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is the recognised mark all solar panel installers and solar equipment, ought to have in Great Britain. It signifies that a team is competent in the appropriate methods of installing any green energy equipment, and that the provided system has been approved for this purpose.

The Solar Trade Association (STA) - Invariably on the leading edge of green technology, the STA works alongside Government agencies, local authorities and industry to provide solar solutions across the nation. It is a well-respected organisation within the solar sector and its members range from small domestic installers to huge multinationals.

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Solar Panel Maintenance Wantage

Your property in Wantage can benefit greatly from the installation of solar panels as they provide a consistent source of renewable energy, but keeping them properly maintained is crucial. The manufacturers of solar panels recommend that you clean your panels between two and four times per year to keep them in good shape. By using a monitoring station, you can see if your panels are producing less energy than usual. Your panels could be affected by the build-up of dirt and other particles. Regular maintenance will make sure your panels are working at their optimal efficiency. Ground mounted solar panels are easier to maintain than roof mounted options. But ground mounted panels can suffer during heavy rain from bounce back and mud splashes depending on the ground they have been installed upon. The panels must be assessed for damage during snowfall and after any hail or thunderstorms to ensure their proper functioning.... READ MORE.

Solar Energy Pluses and Minuses

Saving money and being more cost-effective is something people in Wantage always want. Solar power is among the growing trends but is it really worth the cost? There can be various ways in which you use power from the sun to increase your savings. Solar energy has both advantages and disadvantages and they also should both be taken into consideration. The biggest advantage by far is that the power being created from the sun is clean and natural. One thing that you basically don't need at all is fossil fuels. Solar technology collectors and solar power panels tend to be the main devices used to harness the solar energy.

Standard heating devices like electric heating are more pricey than solar energy in the long run. Solar power is really a definite advantage when you have a home in a remote area where there are no power lines. Solar power can provide power for anything you want to do whether it is for water heating, cooking, or electricity. If you need fresh water that you can drink, solar energy can turn salt water into fresh water. The way this works is the power from the sun evaporates the salt water, rendering only the salt crystals at the bottom of a basin. Another basin will be ready to contain the drinking water after it condenses.

The downsides haven't been disclosed just yet, and that is why you shouldn't just think that solar energy fits your needs because it may not be. The greatest disadvantage is that you need a lot of solar panels in order to utilize solar energy. Maintenance of the solar collectors together with cost of them can be more than you can afford to spend. Solar energy is free but the supplies required to harness that energy are not, and so you will need to see if you will actually save money in the long run versus losing money in the short term.

Another downside doesn't seem like much if you are living where the sun is always shining, but many places the sun isn't always out. Places where there can be a lot of over cast, rainy weather, the collection of solar energy will not be as effective. Minus enough sunlight for your solar collectors, it may be detrimental to how much you are able to save. In case you are lucky enough to live in a desert, you should not be concerned with having enough sunlight.

Another concern you should pay attention to is how lengthy your days last and if there are a lot of shorter days, it can be unfavorable for solar energy. Being able to access electrical power or hot water in the night might be a complication because of this. Mainly because of that, you will need a back-up system, like your outdated power grid, or a battery system that stores the solar energy for later use.

Ground Source Heating Systems

To warm buildings and homes in Wantage, ground source heating systems or geothermal heating systems are used, which rely on the constant earth temperature as a heat source. This renewable source of energy is environmentally friendly and highly efficient, as it eliminates the need for fossil fuels and reduces emissions of carbon.

Ground Source Heating Systems Wantage

A geothermal heating system absorbs heat from the earth by circulating a mixture of antifreeze and water through pipes that are buried deep in the ground and conveying it to a heat pump. Amplifying the heat and distributing it throughout the building is the function of the heat pump.

The higher initial cost of geothermal heating systems, compared to conventional heating systems, can be offset by the long-term savings through reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs. Those in search of a long-term and sustainable heating solution should consider ground source heating systems as they're highly durable and can last for many years.

Financial incentives, such as grants and rebates, offered by some governments can make ground source heating systems more accessible and affordable for property owners interested in reducing their carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency. Overall, the durability and long-term cost savings of geothermal or ground source heating systems make them an ideal and sustainable solution for cooling and heating homes and buildings in Wantage in an eco-friendly manner.

Solar PV Upgrades

Upgrading solar PV systems is an integral part of ensuring their effectiveness and efficiency over the long term. The advancement of technology enables upgrades to existing solar energy panels, which can improve their durability, increase their output, and extend their lifespan. Replacing older solar panels with newer, more efficient units is a typical upgrade for solar power systems. The increase in electricity generation is accompanied by a reduction in the overall solar array's footprint. In addition to other upgrades, energy storage solutions, like batteries, can be installed to store excess energy generated during the day for use at night or during periods of low sunlight. Upgrading or adding inverters, such as micro-inverters, can boost the system's conversion efficiency. Solar PV upgrades are a crucial factor in the fight against climate change as they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By increasing the efficiency and output of solar power systems, fewer fossil fuels need to be burned to generate electricity, resulting in a reduction in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. The environmentally responsible nature of solar PV upgrades makes them a smart economic choice.

Solar Panel Relocation

Relocating solar panels entails the movement of already installed panels from one location to another. There are various reasons why solar panel relocation may be necessary, such as changes in property ownership, roof repairs, or the desire to optimize solar energy production. Safe disconnection, transportation, and reinstallation of the panels in the new location require careful assessment and planning during the relocation process. Coordinating with electricians, roofers and solar specialists may be necessary.

Achieving a well-executed solar panel relocation can amplify energy generation and empower businesses or property owners to sustain the advantages of cheap energy in their new setting. What's more, a correctly done panel relocation can preserve the continued efficiency and sustainability of the panels in their new location, extending their longevity. (15486)

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Wantage Solar Panel Tasks

Wantage Solar Panel Tasks

Your local Wantage solar panel technicians should be happy to assist you with numerous low-carbon energy services including things like solar panel bird proofing, new build solar panel installation, solar panel cleaning, solar panel mounting, solar energy installations, solar panels with battery, solar PV inverters Wantage, the installation of solar panels Wantage, sustainable energy solutions, solar panels for shed, solar panel installation estimates, air source heat pumps, renewable heat installations, rooftop solar panels, 500w solar panels Wantage, solar panel accessories, renewable heating solutions, residential solar panel installations, home solar panels Wantage, ground source heating systems, electric vehicle charging, solar panel systems Wantage, battery storage, the repair of solar panels, solar thermal heating, the replacement of solar panels, industrial solar panel installations, LED lighting, solar photovoltaic energy systems, battery backup systems, solar water heating systems, cheap solar panels, solar panel installations, solar thermal energy solutions, solar PV panel installation, and other solar related services in Wantage, Oxfordshire (OX12). Listed are just some of the activities that are performed by those specialising in solar panels. Wantage specialists will tell you about their full range of services.

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