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Solar Panel Installation Gloucester Gloucestershire (GL1): If you're looking into generating electricity or reducing your hot water bills with a solar energy installation on your Gloucester home or property, what must you look for to get the best from it? There are Government grants and schemes to reduce the cost, and the Smart Export Guarantee, which succeeded the 2010 feed-in tariff scheme in 2019, can even deliver a modest income from your solar panel installation.

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The technical term "solar photovoltaic", usually shortened to solar PV, refers to the generation of electricity using the sun's energy. In Gloucester, and across Great Britain in general, more than enough sunlight can be processed by solar panels to obtain excellent results from a system installed on the roof of your property. In doing this you will be able to lessen your energy bills, and potentially even get a bit of cash back via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme (SEG), by selling your unwanted electricity back to your energy provider.

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Additionally you can get assistance with paying for your solar powered installation with the recently introduced Green Homes Grant. Through this scheme, which was revealed by the Government in July 2020, if you're considering energy saving improvements to your home, you can apply for up to £10,000 in grants. When you join the Green Homes Grant with the SEG scheme it is easy to see why you have a great opportunity to consider solar panels for your Gloucester property.


Solar panel systems will enable you to reduce your heating bills using nothing but free energy from sunlight. The employment of a photovoltaic thermal installation will mean your water, even in the depths of winter, is being warmed and thus reduce the electricity or gas required to get it up to a suitable temperature. Summer will usually see all of your hot water requirements being fulfilled with a solar thermal system on your Gloucester home.

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Schemes offered to Gloucester house owners include the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). The RHI was made brought in for household use in April 2014, after its initial take up in the commercial sector. If you decide to take up the Renewable Heat Incentive, the plan carries on for 7 years and is endorsed by a government guarantee. Qualifying members of the RHI receive a 3 monthly cash payout, based on the size and type of equipment installed, which will continue for the whole 7 years covered by the scheme.


Before you even think about starting the installation of a solar power system on your house in Gloucester, there are a number of matters that should be looked into, such as:

  1. Does your home's roof have any overhanging trees or tall buildings nearby that shade it? - You want full sunlight for maximum efficiency, and any shading will reduce the energy generated by your solar panels.
  2. Do you need to have planning permission? - In most instances you won't require planning permission for installing solar panels on your property in Gloucester. However if you have a listed building, reside in a conservation area or have a flat roof, you will have to seek advice from your local authority of any constraints that may be in place.
  3. Does the installation of solar panels on my home directly impact on its resale value? - As outlined by the Homeowners Association, it is the case that positive and negative adjustments have occurred in the past on account of solar installations on a property. As consciousness grows regarding environment and climate changes, it has been noticed that the positive value impacts on property prices have grown.
  4. Does your roof have a south or south-west facing direction? - Solar energy panels need to face in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to capture the maximum possible amount of power from the sun's rays.
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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - Solar thermal systems and solar PV both produce, renewable green energy. The energy generated by solar panel installations does not create emissions or pollutants and could save almost two tonnes of damaging carbon emissions from your Gloucester property each and every year.

Maintenance - The low maintenance needs of solar PV systems makes them particularly appealing. Modern day solar energy panels can be expected to provide free electricity for a minimum of 25 years, providing they are kept clean and shade-free. If your solar panel installation uses batteries for storage, these will need to be swapped every few years, however as technology is constantly developing, efficiency and battery life is advancing each year.

Reducing Bills - The greatest source of free energy that we can reap the benefits of is not surprisingly, the sun. Therefore, you should take what you can, while you can. As soon as you've invested in the installation of your solar energy panels you will discover that your power bills will be less expensive. Homeowners in Gloucester could save as much as 370 pounds a year on their electric bill (in 2020), with a standard sized solar PV installation.

There's No Noise - Solar PV installations do not make any sound. That's not the case with some renewable energy solutions. Wind generators for instance can aggravate and annoy householders with the noise they create. The main reason that solar panels are not noisy is because there are no moving components.

Extra Income - With the SEG, any surplus power produced by a solar PV installation can be sold back to your utility provider. This can be subtracted from your future electricity bills, or paid directly to you as a cash payment. A short contract is set up between the electricity supplier and the property owner. By offering short contracts as part of the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee), it gives consumers the ability to switch providers and tariffs for more lucrative deals at the end of any contractual obligation.


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If you've got neighbours, family members or friends who've had solar panels installed on their properties, it is recommended that you to ask their advice on installers in Gloucester; but you should still get a minimum of three estimates. When obtaining a price quote, ask about grants on offer in the Gloucester area for sustainable energy schemes, to help in reducing the initial outlay for buying and installing your solar powered system.

It's also vital to see examples of work that has been completed by any potential solar panel installer that you are considering. A reputable company in Gloucester should have a portfolio of clients and installations, for you to see their working standards and experience in the industry.

An established solar panel installer in Gloucester ought to have affiliation with or membership of at least one sustainable energy association. Offering technology advances, safety regulations and training to their members, these professional bodies are vital for any company or individual involved in the sustainable energy sector. Membership to one or more of the following alternative energy organisations should be a pre-requisite before employing any solar panel installer in Gloucester.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - Only Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified contractors must carry out solar PV system installations in Gloucester. It shows a technician is qualified in the required techniques for installing any equipment, and that the provided system has been approved for this use. The MCS supports the following renewable technologies: biomass heating systems, battery storage, air source heat pumps (ASHP's) and solar photovoltaic.

STA - Offers cutting-edge technology solutions and training by working closely with industry, local councils and Government agencies, as well as leading figures in the solar and renewable energy sector. It's a highly respected organisation in the solar generation sector and its members range from vast multi-national enterprises to small scale household installers.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - The premier trade body that represents the green energy and clean technology industry in Britain is the Renewable Energy Association (or REA). It has a commitment to creating a zero carbon economy by the provision of education and training to approximately 550 member companies, and applying its powers to influence governmental policy for alternative energy sources.

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Solar panel installers can be accessed in the Gloucester area, together with: Hartpury, Hempsted, Longlevens, Longford, Saintbridge, Tuffley, Barnwood, Wootton, Kingsholm, Coney Hill, Maisemore, Highnam, Tredworth, Abbeymead, Minsterworth, in addition to places with postcodes like: GL1 1SS, GL1 1AE, GL1 1HP, GL1 1NZ, GL1 2BE, GL1 1QW, GL1 1EN, GL1 1LU, GL1 1UR, GL1 1LN. Solar panel installers from Gloucester should have the telephone code 01452 and the postcode GL1. This is of course one thing you can check if you prefer to use a locally based solar panel installer. Gloucester householders have lots of options when they're searching for photovoltaic services. Clicking on the "QUOTE" banner or form will enable you to get solar energy information for your area.

Is Solar Energy Worth Investing In?

We may not know just how it will aid the environment, but majority of us are aware that it's an alternative energy option and what it does. But, it's not simply sunshine and roses; before you putting in your money, you have to realize that there a few minuses too.

One of the strongest reasons many people in Gloucester spend money on solar panels is the fact that they can save a lot of money in the long haul. Getting your power requirements from a solar installation right away starts to save you money through not having to pay for electricity. There is a catch, though; setting up solar panels is expensive. In the beginning, have to spend a large sum of money for the solar panels and installation, but in the long haul you can expect to save money and you've basically got a free power source once you've recovered your investment. Your monthly savings is obviously important to how long before you truly enjoy free power; so if your monthly bill is huge, it will take less time than if you have a small electricity bill. You could be lucky and get assistance with the upfront cost from an unexpected source, because your government could extend an inducement for you to set up solar panels.

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Numerous people currently are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint, and solar energy scores well in this aspect. It's uncontaminated because there are no emissions or burning in the least, unlike traditional fuels that contaminate the air with a multitude of gases that are both harmful to the environment and to our wellness. The immediate result is that neither global warming nor acid rain is added to. Solar energy is sustainable and renewable as the sun keeps on to provide energy and will keep on doing so so for a very long time.

Likewise, solar energy is rather discreet as it can be installed on the top of buildings, meaning it's not an eyesore unlike wind turbines; still, if you have solar panels on the ground, they can blight the landscape just like wind turbines, so it's essential to consider their location and positioning. Obviously, if direct sunlight is unablle to get to the panels, they would be ineffectual, so they have to be situated properly. They're also discreet in regards to noise and smell, as they create no noise and no bad scents.

Solar energy systems don't demand a lot of maintenance, other than initial installation and they will last for a long time, which means you can set them up and leave them there for decades. However, one concern is that nighttime equals "lights out" for solar energy. In order to have energy in dark times, you can set up a battery, or other back-up system. Installation will cost a little, but your solar energy can keep them fully charged at no additional cost to you.

You should most surely look into solar energy as an alternative source of power. On top of the upfront expenses, it costs you nothing, and it's good for the environment. If high energy prices are a concern for you, and you want to decrease your carbon footprint, solar energy offers a terrific solution.

Solar Panel Batteries

If you wish to store the energy that's produced by your solar panels for later use, this can be done with solar batteries. This stored energy can then be used for powering your home, phone or appliances. Your exact needs will determine the capacity and size of battery that you buy. For instance, a single battery won't be enough if you frequently use air conditioning or a refridgerator.

Solar Battery Storage

When purchasing solar batteries for your energy system, you should also take into account the DoD (or Depth of Discharge). The longest lasting batteries have a higher DoD. Over discharged or degraded batteries, will be less cost-effective, as they store less energy. The capacity of a solar battery is important, because it will determine how much electricity your home can use.

The charged battery can then be used when the sun's out and during the night time. This means you will still save money even when your solar system are not actually producing energy. Free electricity will still be available to use, even on cloudy and dark days when less solar power is being generated. Any unwanted electricity can be sold back to your utility company, reducing your bills even more. When there's a power cut, this is particularly helpful. (Tags: Solar Panels & Batteries Gloucester, Solar Batteries Gloucester, Solar Storage Gloucester, Solar Battery Gloucester)

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Friends & Family Recommendations

It is always extremely helpful whenever you're searching for a solar panel installer for your project, to ask if friends and relatives have any recommendations. Personal referrals are frequently the best way to find someone who is ideal for your requirements, and equally can single out a substandard company that has an awful record for service.

Friends and Family

By getting this kind of feedback from a family member or friend you can find out the attitude of the company if things went awry, how speedily any issues were rectified, and also get an insight into their time keeping, dependability and diligence. You can also get a perception of how accurate was the initial quote when compared to the final price. which is normally tricky to get from the contractors themselves unless they have some sort of guaranteed price arrangement.

Ultimately, the people who you know and trust are your friends and family members, so when it comes to advice, go to them. If you find that it is hard to get specifics on a certain company, it's probably because they have had a disappointing experience in their dealings with them. It is generally the case that many people will be perfectly willing to speak about a good contractor and less likely to mention a poor one. They might even endorse some alternative company, rather than 'slag off' a far from perfect one that they've dealt with.

Gloucester Solar Panel Tasks

Gloucester Solar Panel Tasks

Your local Gloucester solar panel installer can provide an extensive assortment of tasks and services, and in addition to what's already been covered here they can do photovoltaic solar panels Gloucester, smart home technology, solar PV for business, solar panel bird proofing in Gloucester, sustainable energy solutions, shower heat recovery systems, renewable heating in Gloucester, solar PV panel installation, alternative energy solutions in Gloucester, solar panel installation, green energy solutions Gloucester, renewable heat installations, solar panel cleaning, solar panel mounting Gloucester, solar panel installations, ground mounted solar panels, electric heating, solar panel systems, solar panel replacement, the installation of solar panels Gloucester, 200 watt solar panels Gloucester, solar panels for garages in Gloucester, EV charging points in Gloucester, solar panel fitting in Gloucester, domestic solar panel installations, Tesla Powerwall installation, new build solar panel installation, rooftop solar panels Gloucester, solar water heating systems Gloucester, solar panel accessories, commercial solar panel installations, the replacement of solar panels Gloucester, solar panels, solar photovoltaic energy systems, air source heat pumps, and more. This is merely a small selection of the services that may be provided by a local solar panel installer. You could maybe go to this QUOTE FORM and fill in your details, if there are other Gloucester solar energy requirements that you're searching for but cannot find here.

Gloucestershire Solar Panel Projects

Gloucester Solar Panel Installer Projects

Current Gloucestershire solar panel installer job requests: Mrs Avani Simmons wanted an estimate for getting solar energy installations fitted to the roof of her semi-detached house in Alveston. Mr Saul Foster wanted a price quote for getting solar panels fitted to his terraced house in Moreton in Marsh. Anna Bristow in Hartpury needed to install some solar energy panels. Roscoe and Rowan Kouma were asking about quotes for getting solar panels fitted to their property's roof in Newland, Gloucestershire. Maci Abbas wanted an estimate for getting solar energy installations installed on her semi-detached house in Drybrook. Miss Charlie Croft was thinking about getting solar PV panels installed on the roof of her detached house in Almondsbury. Mr Kaylen Donaldson in Sodbury, Gloucestershire needed to install some solar panels. Klay Mather was enquiring about getting solar PV panels fitted to his terraced house in Chedworth. All of these Gloucestershire property owners searched for "solar panels Gloucestershire" and came across this page on Bing, Google or Yahoo.


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Also find: Tuffley solar panel installers, Longlevens solar panel installers, Minsterworth solar panel installers, Wootton solar panel installers, Maisemore solar panel installers, Longford solar panel installers, Barnwood solar panel installers, Hempsted solar panel installers, Coney Hill solar panel installers, Abbeymead solar panel installers, Tredworth solar panel installers, Kingsholm solar panel installers, Hartpury solar panel installers, Saintbridge solar panel installers, Highnam solar panel installer services and more. The majority of these locations are catered for by companies who install solar panels. Gloucester homeowners can get quotations by clicking here.

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People in these Gloucester locations have only recently enquired about solar panels: Chapel Lane, Cordingley Close, Awebridge Way, The Triangle, The Street, Stonebench, Stank Lane, Buckholt Way, Church View, Swallow Crescent, Baneberry Court, Duncroft Road, Dunlin Close, Daffodil Close, Sapperton Road, Spring Lane, Clare Street, Cousley Close, Buttermilk Lane, Brionne Way, Danford Villas, Avon Crescent, County Crescent, Shearwater Grove, The Larches, Saffron Close, Beechcroft Road, Tone Drive, St Nicholas Court, Ansdell Drive, and in these postcodes: GL1 1SS, GL1 1AE, GL1 1HP, GL1 1NZ, GL1 2BE, GL1 1QW, GL1 1EN, GL1 1LU, GL1 1UR, GL1 1LN. Work was undertaken in these areas by specialists in solar panels. Gloucester residents enjoyed dependable and top notch solar services in every case.

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