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Solar Panel Installation Netley Hampshire (SO31): If you're looking at reducing your hot water bills or generating electricity with a solar energy installation on your Netley home or business premises, what should you look for to get the best results out of it? It would certainly seem like a great time to hop on the solar panel freight train, with Government grants and deals enabling you to help reduce the outlay, and in addition to that the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme which offers you the possibility to get paid for any unwanted power you produce through your system.

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The phrase Solar Photovoltaic (PV) refers to the creating of electricity through the capture of the sun's energy. It is possible to achieve great results from an installation on the roof of your property, as there's sufficient sunlight in Netley for solar PV panels to work effectively. If you wish to reduce your power bills and can effectively site a solar installation on your property, you can also receive money from your electricity supplier via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

Solar Panel Installer Netley Hampshire (SO31)

Additionally you can get help with funding the cost of your solar PV installation with the Green Homes Grant. This offers vouchers of between £5,000 - £10,000 for improvements that are done on your property, and was introduced by the Government in the summer of 2020. You can understand why lots of property owners in Netley are thinking that this is the perfect time to look at installing solar panels.


The need for instant hot water is always there, regardless of what size your business premises or house in Netley is. In the winter months, even during the reduced sunlight hours and weaker sun strength, it will heat up your water and help reduce the quantity of energy needed to bring it up to the right temperature for use. It's even feasible, during the warmer months, to fulfill all of your demands for hot water with the professional installation of a solar thermal system.

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You're eligible to join the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, if you choose to fit a solar hot water or heating system to your property in Netley. The scheme was made brought in for household use in 2014 (9th April), after its original take up by commercial businesses. The support plan offered lasts for 7 years for all individuals who switch to renewable heating alternatives. You'll be given a cash payment each quarter over a seven year period, if your house in Netley qualifies to join the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Before start the installation of a solar power system on your property in Netley, there are a number of matters that need to be looked into, namely:

  1. Does your roof get full sun during the day, or is it partly shaded by buildings or trees? - You want full sunlight for maximum effectiveness, and any shade will reduce the energy gains from your solar panels.
  2. Do you own a home which might need planning permission for the installation of solar panels? - Generally speaking you should not require planning permission for installing solar panels on your property in Netley. But if you own a listed building, reside in a conservation area or have a flat roof, you'll have to double-check with the local authority for any constraints that may be in place.
  3. Does your roof face south or south-west? - Solar panels need to face in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to capture the maximum possible amount of light from the sun.
  4. Does the installation of solar panels on my house have an impact on its market value? - As reported by the Homeowners Association, it is the case that positive and negative adjustments have been made in the past owing to solar power installations on a property. Recent research indicates however, that owing to the growing awareness in environmental concerns, solar energy installations are having more positive impacts on property values than ever before.
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Noise-Free - You'll experience no noise from a solar PV system. Wind turbines which make electrical power can make noises which a lot of people find irritating or annoying. Solar installations do not have any moving components - thus they don't make any noise.

Reducing Bills - The free energy that's produced by the sun is never going to run out. Therefore why not harvest that free energy in your home? Aside from the initial expenditure to install your solar panels, there should be very few maintenance bills to think about, and you should start to see a reduction in your energy bills before too long. A typical solar PV system could save you between ninety and three hundred and seventy pounds each year on your electricity bill (subject to your situation), although the size and extent of your particular solar installation will determine this.

Extra Income - There's a high probability that your solar array will produce more electricity than you need. Therefore, this unused electricity can be sold to your service provider through the Government backed SEG (Smart Export Guarantee). This can be subtracted from your quarterly energy bills, or paid directly to you as a cash payment. The SEG is a Government backed, short term contract between the property owner and the utility supplier. Moving from one company to another to get a better deal when the contract is up is allowed, and you are not locked into one electric supplier.

Maintenance - Solar powered installations in Netley are relatively maintenance free. And apart from an occasional cleaning, the solar panels can be left alone and will continue to work for 25 years or more. The things which might have to be changed are the batteries (if you go with this type of storage solution), although these are becoming better with advancements in battery technology.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - Solar thermal systems and solar PV both produce, renewable green energy. Through the employment of such eco-friendly systems, you'll be able to knock approximately two tonnes off of your polluting carbon emissions annually.


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If you have family, friends and neighbours who have had solar panels installed on their properties, it is always good to ask their advice regarding installers in Netley; however it is still wise to get at least 3 quotes. You should, when obtaining a quote from a solar installation company in Netley, check if they know about any subsidies or grants from local organisations and councils, which may help with your initial expenditure.

Any potential solar panel installer you're considering should also be able and willing to provide you with details about work that they've recently carried out. A reputable business in Netley will have a detailed portfolio of installations and clients, so that you can see their working standards and experience in the green energy industry.

A professional solar panel installer in Netley ought to have membership or affiliation with at least one sustainable energy association. These specialized trade organisations offer advice, technological updates and training on all things connected with the green energy arena. A prerequisite before employing any Netley solar panel installer, will be membership of one of these green energy trade bodies.

STA (Solar Trade Association) - Working alongside Government agencies, industry and local authorities to provide the very best solutions in solar technologies, the Solar Trade Association (STA) works on the front line of technology. From multi-national organisations to small scale domestic installers, its members are all highly esteemed in the solar energy industry.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - The UK's premier trade body for the professional body industry is the REA (Renewable Energy Association). It represents approximately five hundred and fifty company members and is focused on providing training and influencing Government policy towards a zero carbon economy in the near future . The Renewable Energy Association (or REA) is a non-profit organisation and its members include: installers, fuel distributers, project developers, service providers, equipment manufacturers and energy generators. These cover anything from sole traders up to vast multinationals.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - Photovoltaic systems really should be installed by a MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified company in Netley. It signifies that the team is qualified in the required techniques for the installation of any green energy equipment, and that the system has been authorised for this use.

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Solar panel installers can be found in Netley itself, in these postcodes: SO31 5EU, SO31 5PH, SO31 5DE, SO31 5GD, SO31 5JQ, SO31 5HP, SO31 5FE, SO31 5PN, SO31 5EY, SO31 5BN, and in close by areas like Lower Swanwick, Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey, Curbridge, Burridge, Weston, Sholing, Hound, Sarisbury, Old Netley, Newtown. Two hints which indicate that a solar panel installer operates in Netley area is if they have the postcode SO31 and the telephone code 023. This is obviously one thing you can check if you favour hiring a locally based solar panel installer. Netley home and business owners have access to these solar services whenever they are in need of them. Simply click the "QUOTE" banner to get information on solar panel installation in your location.

Solar PV Upgrades

To ensure a solar power system's long-term effectiveness and efficiency, upgrading the solar PV system is essential. The advancement of technology enables upgrades to existing solar energy panels, which can improve their durability, increase their output, and extend their lifespan. One of the most common upgrades is replacing older solar panels with newer, more efficient versions. The overall footprint of the solar array decreases while the amount of electricity generated increases. Upgrades could include the installation of energy storage solutions, such as batteries, which can store excess energy generated during the day for later use at night or during periods of low sunlight. Upgrading inverters or adding micro-inverters can also enhance the conversion efficiency of the system. Not only residential and commercial users but also utility-scale solar power plants can benefit from solar PV upgrades. Upgrading can result in the maximisation of energy output, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and an overall improvement in the energy grid's reliability. Solar PV upgrades are also instrumental in mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When solar power systems' efficiency and output are increased, less fossil fuel is burned for electricity generation, which leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. The environmentally responsible nature of solar PV upgrades makes them a smart economic choice. In summary, solar PV upgrades offer a cost-effective method of enhancing solar power systems' performance and increasing return on investment throughout their lifespan.

Solar Panel Batteries

If you want to store the energy that's produced by your solar PV panels for use later, this can be accomplished with batteries. This stored electricity can then be used for powering your home, phone or appliances. The capacity and size of solar batteries that you purchase will be based upon your precise needs. For example, if you often use a fridge or air conditioner, one battery may not be enough.

Solar Battery Storage

When buying solar batteries, you should also take into account the DoD (Discharge Depth) of the battery. The longest lasting batteries have a higher DoD. The least cost-effective batteries are those that are over discharged or degraded, because less electricity is stored. The capacity of a solar battery is crucial, because it determines how much electricity is available to use.

The fully charged solar batteries can then be used to supply power when the sun isn't out and during the evening. This can save you money on your power bill. Furthermore, your solar panels will continue to generate energy even when it is cloudy and dark. You can also send unwanted energy back to the grid, and you can get paid for it.

Ground Source Heating Systems Netley

Ground source heating systems, also known as geothermal heating systems, use the constant temperature of the earth as a source of heat to warm buildings and homes in Netley. The elimination of the need to burn fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon emissions make this renewable source of energy environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

Ground Source Heating Systems Netley

Circulating a antifreeze and water mixture through pipes that are buried deep underground is how a geothermal heating system captures heat from the earth and transports it to a heat pump. The heat pump carries out the task of amplifying the heat and distributing it throughout the building.

Geothermal heating systems have an initial cost that is higher than traditional heating systems, but they can save home and property owners money in the long term due to lower energy bills and maintenance expenses. Ground source heating systems are a great option for those who want a long-term and sustainable heating solution because they are highly durable and can last for several years.

Governments can provide financial incentives, such as rebates and grants, to homeowners who install ground source heating systems, making them a more affordable and accessible option for those interested in increasing energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. To summarise, ground source heating systems are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for heating and cooling homes and buildings in Netley, with long-term cost savings and durability.

Solar Inverters

The solar inverter is the missing link that turns the DC electricity generated by your solar panels into AC, making it usable in your home in Netley. The AC electricity required for powering your home and connecting to the National Grid is generated by a solar inverter, which changes DC electricity. To put it simply, a solar inverter is a crucial component in making sure you can safely utilize your solar energy for your home.

Your solar panel system's efficiency can only be as strong as its weakest component, making a high-quality inverter a crucial aspect of your panel setup. The inverter ensures that you get the maximum energy from your solar panels. Four kinds of solar inverters can be utilised with your solar panels, these include: micro-inverters, power optimisers, string inverters and hybrid inverters. Only by talking to a professional solar panel installer can you find out which solar inverter would suit your specific system.

Are Solar Panels Worthwhile?

We're in all likelihood all aware that buying into solar energy will help battle global warming, although we don't quite know how. There are a lot of terrific things about solar energy but there are also some bad things which you should know before investing in it.

One of the biggest reasons many people in Netley spend money on solar panels is the fact that they can save a lot of money in the long run. Getting your energy requirements from a solar installation immediately begins to save you money through not having to pay for electrical power. The drawback, however, is that the cost of converting to solar can be quite high. Yes, you end up with free power, but your initial monthly savings over a period is going to go towards recouping your considerable upfront cost for the solar panels and installation. Your monthly savings is evidently critical to how long before you truly enjoy free power; thus, if your monthly bill is large, it is going to take less time than if you have a fairly small power bill. You could be lucky and get aid with the upfront cost from an unforeseen source, because your government might offer an inducement for you to install solar panels.

Solar Panel Prices Netley

In addition to it being a sound fiscal investment, solar energy is as well not harmful to the environment - a huge positive nowadays. Fossil fuels, the traditional power sources, are burned and emit greenhouse gases in such volume that they cannot be naturally reprocessed, and end up harming our environment and our health - solar does none of these things. Global warming and acid rain are two primary environmental worries, and solar energy doesn't lend itself to these at all. The energy buzz-words, renewable and sustainable, are relevant to solar energy because it will be available to us as long as the sun keeps shining.

Solar panels, which are the "engines" of solar energy, are in essence flat and if set on rooftops are not eye-catching - if you install them on the ground, however, they can be as tough on the eye as wind turbines, something to be regarded when deciding on their location. Naturally, if direct sun cannot reach the solar panels, they would be useless, so they have to be placed correctly. The panels do not emit any noise or smell, which adds to their ability to combine subtly with their surrounding.

One terrific thing about solar systems is that as soon as they're set up, you can basically leave them, since they demand little or no maintenance. But, one concern is that nighttime means "lights out" for solar energy. To have energy in dark times, you can put in a battery, or other back-up system. The only cost here is for getting them installed, since they will be recharged free of charge with solar energy.

You should most certainly check out solar energy as an alternative energy source. In addition to the initial expenses, it costs you nothing, and it's beneficial to the environment. If high energy costs are a concern for you, and you aim to decrease your carbon footprint, solar energy offers a great solution.

Solar Panel Relocation Netley

Solar Panel Relocation Netley

Solar panel relocation is the process of moving existing solar panels from one place to another. The desire to optimise solar energy production can be one of the factors that necessitates this undertaking, along with a change of property ownership and structural modifications. To ensure a successful transition, regardless of the reasons, the relocation of solar panels requires coordination, technical expertise and careful planning.

The most common reason for solar panel relocation is when someone moves house. When a home in Netley changes hands, the new owner may want to adapt the solar system to their specific energy consumption patterns or may have different requirements for solar panel placement. Roof renovations or repairs can be a catalyst for relocation. Solar panels may need to be temporarily removed to facilitate repairs to the roof. The relocation process ensures the correct reinstallation of the solar panels after the roofing work is completed. (15486)

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In the Hampshire area you will likewise discover: Stoke solar panel fitters, Everton solar panel fitters, Bramshott solar panel installation, Steep solar panel installers, Bramshott solar panel installers, Waltham Chase solar panel engineers, Wonston solar panel installation, Compton solar panel fitters, Rownhams solar panel installers, Bramshott solar panel installation, Headley solar panel technicians, Stoke solar panel engineers, Sandleheath solar panel engineers, Widley solar panel engineers, Curdridge solar panel fitters, Enham Alamein solar panel installation, Dibden Purlieu solar panel fitters, Nursling solar panel installers, Durley solar installers, Nursling solar panel engineers, Abbotts Ann solar panel installers, Lyndhurst solar panel fitters, Ashurst solar installers, Selborne solar installers, Enham Alamein solar panel technicians, Grayshott solar panel installers, Chilworth solar panel installation, Silchester solar panel engineers, Sydmonton solar panel installation, Harestock solar installers.

In every district of Hampshire there are specialists who'll be delighted to help you with solar panel installation, you ought to be able to locate somebody nearby, even if you cannot find someone suitable in Netley itself.

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Recently posted Hampshire solar panel installer customer projects: Isabel Francis was asking about getting solar panels fitted to her detached house in Clanfield, Hampshire. Francesco and Jaya Morley were interested in having solar energy panels installed on their detached house in Clanfield. Mr and Mrs Mortimer in Selborne needed to install some solar panels. Finlay Long wanted an estimate for getting solar PV panels fitted to his home in North Warnborough. Miss Annabell Barr wanted solar panel replacement in Amport. Miss Gracie-Mae Bowes was asking about price quotes for getting solar PV panels fitted to her bungalow in Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire. Ziggy and Amanda Keir were trying to find out about having solar panels fitted to their home's roof in Selborne. Mr and Mrs Steadman wanted a quote for a solar panel and battery in Shipton Bellinger. All these property owners conducted a search for "solar panels Hampshire" and noticed this website on either Bing, Yahoo or Google.

Family & Friends Recommendations

It is invariably a good idea when looking for a decent contractor for your project, to ask family and friends if they can give recommendations. In an effort to identify someone who's suitable for your needs, person to person referrals are normally best, and will often give you the opportunity to weed out a third-rate contractor or a company that has a lousy service record.

Friends and Family

If you're aware that a friend or relative has used a specific company, you can get first hand experience of their reliability and punctuality. They will also be able to tell you if anything went wrong, and how rapidly any faults were addressed. You should also be able to get a notion of how the price charged for the work when compared to the initial quotation they were given, which, unless they've got a guaranteed price arrangement, is sometimes difficult to get directly from the company.

Since your friends and relations are individuals you know and can depend on in regards to their advice, they ought to be your first port of call. If they've had an unsatisfactory experience in dealing with a particular company or contractor, you could find that they won't want to discuss them. And a lot of folks, instead of 'bad mouthing' a second-rate company who they've had dealings with in the past, may even suggest some alternative contractor, because they're happier talking about a decent quality business than a poor one.

Netley Solar Panel Tasks

Netley Solar Panel Tasks

Such things as cheap solar panels, the mounting of solar panels, Tesla Powerwall installation, solar panel accessories, the maintenance of solar panels, solar energy grants, ground source heating systems, solar thermal installations, solar thermal energy solutions, solar panel mounting, solar system safety checks in Netley, energy storage systems, smart home technology in Netley, solar panel cleaning, rooftop solar panels in Netley, solar panels for greenhouses Netley, solar panel relocation, solar panel bird proofing, thermal solar panels, home solar panels, renewable heat installations, commercial solar panel installations, sustainable energy solutions, the repair of solar panels in Netley, solar thermal heating installations Netley, solar panel fitting, energy need assessments Netley, 100w solar panels Netley, solar panel suitability surveys, LED lighting, wind turbines, batteries & smart grids, air source heat pumps, solar PV upgrades, 400w solar panels Netley are just some of the services and tasks that your local Netley solar panel installer can deliver. If you've got renewable energy requirements in Netley, that you do not see here, you can go HERE and submit our quote form.


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Also find: Butlocks Heath solar panel installers, Hound solar panel installers, Weston solar panel installers, Curbridge solar panel installers, Burridge solar panel installers, Sarisbury solar panel installers, Old Netley solar panel installers, Netley Abbey solar panel installers, Sholing solar panel installers, Newtown solar panel installers and more.

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Homeowners in these Netley locations have only recently enquired about the installation of solar panels: Hound Road Gardens, Queens View, Fountains Park, Winchester Close, Monks Road, Shorwell, Carisbrooke, Holmes Close, Felton Close, Latelie Close, The Crescent, Sellwood Road, Old School Close, Wykeham Road, Cranmore, Rookley, Hound Close, Abbots Way, Yaverland, Westwood Road, Nettlestone, Denzil Avenue, Oakhurst Close, Station Road, Avon Court, St. Marys Road, and in these postcodes: SO31 5EU, SO31 5PH, SO31 5DE, SO31 5GD, SO31 5JQ, SO31 5HP, SO31 5FE, SO31 5PN, SO31 5EY, SO31 5BN. These places recently saw activity by experts in solar panels. Netley property owners were given high quality and competent solar services in all cases.

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