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Solar Panel Installation Haltwhistle Northumberland (NE49): With continually rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, more and more property owners in Haltwhistle are considering fitting solar panels - but exactly what are the advantages and drawbacks? There are Government guaranteed schemes and grants to help reduce the cost, and the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), that succeeded the feed-in tariff scheme in 2019, can even yield a small income from your solar panel installation.

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The technical term "solar photovoltaic" (or solar PV), relates to the creation of electricity by capturing the sun's energy. It is possible to obtain decent results from a system installed on your property, as there is ample sunlight in Haltwhistle for solar PV panels to function successfully. This means it is perfectly possible to lower your overall power bills, and maybe even gain a modest return on your investment through the Smart Export Guarantee scheme, selling off surplus electricity back to your provider.

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By submitting an application for a Green Homes Grant, you can even lower the outlay of any solar energy panels that you install on your property. This was introduced by the Government in July 2020, and provides vouchers of between 5 and 10 thousand pounds for energy saving improvements on your house. When you incorporate the Green Homes Grant's financial help with the SEG scheme it's easy to see why you've got an ideal opportunity to think about a solar panel system for your Haltwhistle property.


The need for instant hot water is always essential, irrespective of what the size of your business premises or house in Haltwhistle is. Surprisingly, even the decreased amount of sunlight that is experienced in the winter months is enough to substantially reduce the amount of gas or electricity that is needed to bring your water up the perfect temperature. And during the summer, more or less all of your hot water needs can be met by a solar thermal system that has been correctly and professionally installed on your property.

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Any property owner in Haltwhistle using a solar powered thermal installation to warm up their water is qualified to sign up for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme to help with the costs. The RHI scheme was made brought in for use in households in 2014, after its original take up in the commercial marketplace. For anybody moving over to renewable heating options, including solar powered thermal systems, it offers 7 years of support. If your home in Haltwhistle is eligible to sign up for the scheme, you'll receive a cash disbursement each quarter over the seven year period.


Prior to beginning any installation on your Haltwhistle property, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Is planning permission required for your home or location? - Generally speaking you should not need planning permission for installing solar panels to your property in Haltwhistle. Only if your property is in a conservation area, is listed or if you have a flat roof will you have to check the constraints that may exist with your local planning department.
  2. What effect on property values can solar installations cause? - As reported by the Homeowners Association, it is the case that negative and positive variations have been made in the past on account of solar installations on properties. It can be a tough decision to make, but in the vast majority of circumstances installing solar panels increases the value of your home, as people in general are becoming more environmentally aware about the impact they have on the earth.
  3. Do you have a roof that faces towards the south or south-west? - This is the optimum direction from which to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight on your solar PV panels.
  4. Does your property's roof get full sun during the day, or is it partly shaded by buildings or trees? - Any shade on the solar panels will reduce their working capability and could even render them largely ineffective.
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Noise Pollution - Solar PV installations don't make any sound. That isn't always the case with some green energy sources. Wind turbine generators for example can irritate and annoy residents with the noise that they create. There are essentially no moving components with a solar PV installation, therefore there's nothing which will make a noise.

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint - All solar energy installations you happen to be thinking about, PV or thermal, will generate green, renewable energy for your household. There are no damaging emissions, no pollutants and you can prevent nearly two tonnes of carbon from damaging the atmosphere annually.

Maintenance - There is hardly any maintenance necessary for solar installations in Haltwhistle. Modern solar panels should continue to provide heat and electricity for at least twenty five years, so long as they are kept shade-free and clean. The things which may need changing are the batteries (if you go with this kind of storage system), although these are getting better with improvements in technology.

Reducing Bills - Of all the energy which is provided by nature, the largest source of all is our sun. So why don't you make use of this free energy in your home? You'll begin to notice a reduction in your monthly or quarterly electricity costs, after the initial expenditure has been made on your solar panels. Exactly how much this is will depend on the extent of your solar panel installation, but even an average sized solar energy system can provide savings of between £90 - £370 a year on your electric bill in the Haltwhistle area.

Additional Income - There's a fair chance that your solar energy panels will generate more electricity than is actually needed. In which case this unwanted electricity can be sold to your utility provider via the Government supported Smart Export Guarantee. This can be used as a payment towards your quarterly electricity bill, or as cash paid direct to you. The Smart Export Guarantee is a Government endorsed, contract between the house owner and the utility supplier. The advantage of this situation is that you aren't irreversibly locked into any one electricity company, and when your contract is due to be renewed, you're able to change providers.


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When carrying out any form of home improvements, including the installation of solar energy panels, it is always wise to get a minimum of 3 quotations from local companies. If any of your neighbours, friends or family members have recently had solar panels fitted, ask them who they recommend. When you're obtaining a quote you should always enquire about currently available schemes and grants which could reduce the costs and make solar panels even more affordable.

Before you home in on any particular solar power company, you should always ask to see some information about solar related projects that have been accomplished in the past. For you to check out their working standards and experience in the green energy industry, any trustworthy Haltwhistle business will have a photographic portfolio of customers and installations.

Affiliation with, or membership of one or more of the renewable energy trade bodies is something that a competent solar installation company in Haltwhistle should have. These organisations offer qualifications, support and training relating to all equipment, working practices and health & safety for every aspect of solar, and other sustainable energy generation systems. When picking your solar panel installer in Haltwhistle, look for membership of one of these professional bodies in the renewable and green energy sector.

The Renewable Energy Association - Within the clean technology and sustainable energy sector, the primary professional organisation is the Renewable Energy Association (REA). Boasting approximately five hundred and fifty member companies the REA is committed to the notion of a zero carbon economy and provides training for its member businesses. The Renewable Energy Association is a non-profit organisation and its members include: equipment manufacturers, service providers, generators, fuel distributers, project developers and installers. These range from vast multinationals right down to the humblest sole traders.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Any installation of solar panel systems in Haltwhistle should be done by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified contractor. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme provides recognition in the solar PV industry, and is an indication of good quality for the solar installation company, along with all of its provided solar energy equipment.

STA - Working with Government agencies, local councils and industry to provide the best solar technology solutions, the STA (Solar Trade Association) operates on the front line of technology. Its membership ranges from multi-national companies to localised residential installers, and all are highly esteemed within the solar sector.

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Solar panel services can be located in Haltwhistle itself, in these postcodes: NE49 9DH, NE49 9JH, NE49 0BX, NE49 9EH, NE49 9ES, , NE49 0DB, NE49 9HT, NE49 0DH, and NE49 0BH, as well as in close by areas like Haydon Bridge, Redburn, Bellingham, Wark, Allendale Town, Gilsland, Humshaugh, Greenhead, Plenmellor, Bardon Mill, Henshaw, Irthington, Barrasford, Melkridge. Solar panel installers from the local area will typically have the telephone dialling code 01434 and the postcode NE49. You'll want to verify this if you're set on hiring a local solar panel installer. Local residents have lots of choices when they are hunting for photovoltaic services.

Solar Panel Batteries

The solar energy that is generated by your solar panels can be stored in solar batteries. This stored electricity can then be used to power your phone, home or appliances. The size and capacity of your batteries will be based on your needs. For instance, if you frequently use a fridge or air conditioner, just one battery is not enough.

Solar Battery Storage

The DoD (Depth of Discharge) should also be taken into account, when you are shopping for solar batteries for your new system. Longer-lasting batteries have a higher depth of discharge. The least cost-efficient batteries are the ones that are over discharged or degraded, because less electricity is stored. The capacity of a solar battery is important, as it determines how much electricity is available to use.

The fully charged battery can then be used when the sun isn't out and during the evening. This should save you money on your energy bill. Even on dark and cloudy days, your solar system will still be providing free energy. You can also get payments back from the utility provider for electricity you don't use. (Tags: Solar Panel Batteries Haltwhistle, Solar Battery Haltwhistle, Solar Storage Haltwhistle, Solar Panels & Batteries Haltwhistle)

Solar Panel Maintenance Haltwhistle

By installing solar panels at your Haltwhistle home, you can reap the rewards of a steady source of renewable energy. But, don't forget a maintenance regime, to keep them in tip-top condition. A cleaning schedule of two to four times per year is recommended by solar panel manufacturers. If you use a monitoring station you can see if your panels are producing a reduced amount of energy than normal. It could be the result of dirty panels caused by debris accumulation. Keeping your panels properly maintained will enhance their efficiency and extend their useful life. Ground mounted solar panels are easier to maintain than roof mounted options. But ground mounted panels can suffer during heavy rain from mud splashes and bounce-back depending on the ground they have been installed upon. Regular inspections should be conducted following snow, thunderstorms or hail to assess for damage.... READ MORE.

Solar Panel Relocation Haltwhistle

Moving solar panels from their current position to a different location is what solar panel relocation entails. Enhancing solar energy production, changes in property ownership, or the need for roof repairs are among the most common reasons that may make the relocation of solar panels necessary. Thorough assessment and planning are necessary for relocation in order to safely disconnect, transport, and reinstall the panels at the new location. This might involve coordination with solar installers, electricians and roofing professionals.

The successful relocation of solar panels can enhance energy generation and allow home or business owners in Haltwhistle to continue reaping the benefits of solar technology in their new environment. Furthermore, a well-executed solar relocation can preserve the continued efficiency and sustainability of the panels in their new location, extending their lifespan. (20937)

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Also find: Allendale Town solar panel installers, Barrasford solar panel installers, Bellingham solar panel installers, Wark solar panel installers, Redburn solar panel installers, Gilsland solar panel installers, Humshaugh solar panel installers, Irthington solar panel installers, Plenmellor solar panel installers, Melkridge solar panel installers, Greenhead solar panel installers, Bardon Mill solar panel installers, Haydon Bridge solar panel installers, Henshaw solar panel installers and more. Most of these areas are served by companies who install solar panels. Local householders can get solar installation quotes by going here.

Haltwhistle Solar Panel Tasks

Haltwhistle Solar Panel Tasks

Your local Haltwhistle solar panel installer can provide an extensive range of services and tasks, and together with what has previously been covered here they can do 100w solar panels Haltwhistle, solar hot water system installation Haltwhistle, photovoltaic solar panels, solar panel installation quotes, solar panels for shed, renewable heat installations in Haltwhistle, the supply and installation of solar panel systems in Haltwhistle, solar panel relocation, solar energy installations, solar panels with battery Haltwhistle, sustainable energy solutions, solar panel maintenance, 400w solar panels Haltwhistle, solar thermal heating, home solar panels, air source heat pumps, solar panel mounting, solar PV for businesses, batteries & smart grids, rooftop solar panels in Haltwhistle, solar water heating systems, solar PV panel installations in Haltwhistle, solar panel fitting, green energy solutions, solar panel bird proofing, wind turbines, solar panel systems, smart home technology, solar panel installations in Haltwhistle, the installation of solar panels Haltwhistle, solar installation advice, energy storage, solar panel installation, the replacement of solar panels Haltwhistle, EV charging Haltwhistle, and more. This is simply a sample of what can be expected from the local solar panel installer. Haltwhistle providers offering these types of renewable energy services, will provide a full list when asked.

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