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Solar Panel Installation Tilehurst Berkshire (RG31): The installation of solar energy panels is front and centre of many property owner's thoughts at the moment, what with ever rising energy costs and worries about the environment, it's not really surprising - but what are the benefits and drawbacks of fitting solar panels to your property in Tilehurst? There's never been a better time to consider solar installations with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), enabling you to sell back any unwanted power that you generate.

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The technical term "solar photovoltaic", often shortened to solar PV, pertains to the production of electricity using energy from the sun. In Tilehurst, and throughout Britain on the whole, adequate sunlight can be processed by photovoltaic solar panels to obtain good results from a system installed on your property. In doing this you will be able to lower your electricity bills, and quite possibly even get a little a refund through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee scheme), by selling your unused electricity back to your energy provider.

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By accessing the government approved Green Homes Grant, it's also possible to get assistance with paying for your solar panels. If you are thinking about energy saving renovations to your property, it is possible to apply for up to £10,000 in grants by making use of this scheme, which was introduced by the Government in July 2020. So, when you consider that you can couple the benefits of the SEG with assistance from the Green Homes Grant, you may decide that now is a good time to install solar panels on your home in Tilehurst.


Every household and business requires hot water, so why not generate it from the sun's rays? The amount of gas or electricity which is needed to get your water up to the temperature that is required can be reduced even with the amount of sunlight that is experienced in the winter season in Tilehurst. Summer will usually see all of your hot water requirements being met with a solar thermal system on your Tilehurst property.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is also accessible to any home owner in Tilehurst who's using a solar powered thermal system to heat their water. After its initial take up in the commercial sector, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme was made available for residential use in April 2014. It gives a seven year support program for householders switching to renewable heating methods, including solar panel thermal systems. If your property in Tilehurst is eligible to be a part of the scheme, you'll receive a cash disbursement each quarter over the period of 7 years.


Before start the installation of solar energy panels onto the roof of your property in Tilehurst, there are several points that have to be considered, including:

  1. Will solar panels affect my property's value? - The simple, but not particularly helpful judgement from the Homeowners Association is that solar energy installations can have both a negative and positive effect on the market value of your home. It really is a hard decision to make, but in the majority of circumstances installing solar panels boosts the market value of your home, as people in general are becoming more environmentally aware about their impact on the world.
  2. Do you need planning permission? - For a lot of properties and homes in Tilehurst, solar energy installation will be on the list of approved alterations that can be made. Your local council can offer advice and guidance on planning permission if your home own a listed building, reside in a conservation area or have a flat roof.
  3. Have you got a roof facing towards the south or south-west? - This helps to optimise the performance of the solar PV panels by absorbing the largest amount of sunlight possible.
  4. Is your roof affected by tall trees or high buildings which throw shade over it? - Any amount of shade on your solar panels will greatly reduce their working capability and may even render them ineffective.
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Low Carbon Footprint - To help lessen your carbon footprint, the installation of either a solar thermal system or solar PV on your dwelling in Tilehurst will allow you to create renewable, green energy. The energy generated by solar panels does not create emissions or pollutants and could save around 2 tonnes of damaging carbon emissions from your Tilehurst property annually.

Maintenance Free - The minimal maintenance needs of solar PV systems makes them especially appealing. The angle of the panels in the United Kingdom means that they are pretty much self cleaning, and provided that they're kept shade-free, will carry on providing electricity for a minimum of twenty five years. If you decide on battery storage these will need to be exchanged once in a while, but the technology related to batteries is continually evolving and they are becoming longer lasting and more efficient each year.

Reducing Bills - There's definitely no charge for the greatest source of energy that we know: namely the sun. So why not make the most of it? You'll begin to see a reduction in your energy charges straight away, and apart from the original expenditure to install your solar installation, there are almost no maintenance charges to concern yourself with. The size and extent of your solar panel installation will affect the type of savings you can achieve, but a standard solar energy system can save you £90 - £370 (subject to your circumstances) a year on your electricity bills.

No Noise Pollution - This is a form of silent technology, with no sound given off by the solar panels or their associated equipment. Residents can be disturbed by the noises that are generated by other alternative energy sources - wind turbines for instance. The reason that solar PV installations are not noisy is because there are no moving components.

Generate Income - Any excess electricity your solar PV installation generates can be sold back to your energy provider via the SEG, Government endorsed scheme. This can be by way of a credit to your electric bill each quarter, or as a cash payment. This will be set up as a short contract between your electricity supplier and you. Therefore you aren't locked into one utility supplier and can switch providers to gain a better tariff whenever the contract is up for renewal.


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Try to obtain at least three quotes from different providers in Tilehurst and never be afraid to ask neighbours, friends or family members for advice if they have had a solar installation on their home. While you're obtaining estimates from solar installers, ask whether they're aware of any grants or subsidies from local organisations and councils, which might be used to offset your initial investment.

It's also important to see some evidence of projects that have been accomplished by any prospective solar panel installer that you're thinking of hiring. For you to see their standard of work and industry experience, any professional Tilehurst company will be able to offer you a detailed portfolio of customers and installations.

The solar installation industry is serviced by a number of professional bodies, organisations and associations. These organisations offer training, qualifications and support on all working practices, health & safety and equipment for every aspect of solar, and alternative energy sourced generation systems. In relation to picking a solar installation specialist in Tilehurst, it's far better to give preference to a company that's a member of a professional association such as:

The Solar Trade Association (STA) - Provides trailblazing technology solutions and training by working hand-in-hand with Government, industry and local authorities, along with leading figures in the solar and renewable energy sector. Well respected by the solar energy industry, the STA has members ranging from multi-national companies to small scale residential installers.

MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) - Any installation of solar panel systems in Tilehurst must be carried out by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved contractor. The MCS offers a level of recognition in the solar energy sector, and is a benchmark of good quality for any solar installation company, and all its provided solar energy equipment.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - The Renewable Energy Association is the United Kingdom's premier trade body for the clean technology and sustainable energy industry. It is focused on building net-zero carbon emissions by providing training and education to more than five hundred companies who are members, and using its influence to mould government policy towards green energy solutions. The Renewable Energy Association (REA) is a non-profit organisation and among its membership are: project developers, generators, installers, fuel producers, service providers and equipment manufacturers. These range from massive multinationals down to the humblest sole traders.

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How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a House?

Energy consumption, location, panel efficiency, and available space are factors that impact the number of solar panels required to power a house, leading to variation. Around 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) of power is roughly generated by a typical residential solar panel system in the UK. If you have an average daily electricity consumption of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh), you would require approximately 5 kW of solar panels to satisfy those needs. The exact number of panels will depend on their efficiency, wattage, and other factors. It's recommended to consult a specialist solar panel installer who can provide a more accurate assessment based on your specific requirements and conditions.

Is Solar Energy Worth It?

A lot of people have heard about solar energy and know it's great for the environment, but lots of people really don't know why. Like all other things, there are upsides and there are downsides, and you should know both before spending any cash.

The longer term savings promises are probably the biggest attraction for people in Tilehurst getting solar panels. A terrific benefit of using solar panels is that you can say goodbye to those cash-draining monthly electrical energy bills. The drawback, however, is that the cost of changing over to solar can be rather costly. In the beginning, you're going to have to fork out a large sum of money for the panels and installation, however in the long haul you're going to save money and you've essentially got a free source of power once you've recovered your investment. Your payback period will obviously be longer if you are a light user of electrical energy, compared with someone who is a heavy user. Some governments extend inducements for switching to solar energy, which could help towards the cost of installing solar panels.

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A lot of people currently are concerned about lessening their carbon footprint, and solar energy scores handsomely in this area. It's clean because there are no emissions or burning in the least, unlike conventional fuels that pollute the air with a multitude of gases that are both harmful to the environment and to our wellness. The immediate result is that neither global warming nor acid rain is added to. The energy buzz-words, renewable and sustainable, are pertinent to solar energy because it will be available to us as long as the sun continues to shine.

Solar panels, which are the "locomotive engines" of solar energy, are in essence flat and if installed on rooftops are not conspicuous - if you put them on the ground, though, they can be as hard on the eye as wind turbines, something to be considered when determining on their location. Obviously, to produce energy in an efficient manner, the solar panels need to be set where there is direct sunshine. Also, solar panels don't make any noise and odorless, so draw no attention in this way.

And if you dislike doing maintenance around the home, worry not - solar energy systems can work in the background, without you raising a finger, literally for decades. There are, however, issues with solar energy, one of the biggest being they are unable produce energy at night. No sunlight doesn't mean no energy though, because a back-up system such as a battery may be set up. Installation is going to cost a little, but your solar energy can keep them fully charged at no additional cost to you.

In general solar energy is definitely worth investigating. Aside from the initial expenses, it costs you nothing, and it's beneficial to the environment. If high energy prices are a concern for you, and you aim to reduce your carbon footprint, solar energy offers a terrific solution.

Solar Panel Cleaning Tilehurst

Solar Panel Cleaning Tilehurst (0118)

When you are considering the possibility of installing solar panels on your property in Tilehurst, I guess that how you are going to keep them clean is pretty much the last thing you're concerned about. Even so, it pays for you to give some thought to exactly how you are going to keep your solar panels clean right from the beginning, seeing that this impacts on their performance. It is also plausible to get automated cleaning systems for solar panels, and whilst taking advantage of this will undoubtedly increase your overall costs, it is probably better to have these fitted at the same time as your panels.

You should not just accept the widely stated belief that the natural action of rain will keep your solar power panels thoroughly clean. As time passes they'll develop a thin coating of grease and grime that will certainly have a negative impact on the efficiency of your panels, although they may appear to be quite clean from ground level. So a serious build-up of dirt does not occur, a regular cleaning agenda should be set up. Now, with the innovative and clever accessories that are now available for power washers, undertaking your own panel cleaning is always a possibility. If you are not able to do this (or don't have the correct equipment), your could call a solar panel cleaning service in Tilehurst, or perhaps ask a neighbourhood window cleaner. (Tags: Solar Panel Cleaning Tilehurst)

Solar Panel Batteries

If you wish to store the energy which is created by your solar PV panels for use later, this can be accomplished with solar battery storage. This stored electricity can then be used to power your car, phone or home. Your exact requirements will determine the capacity and size of solar batteries that you go for. For example, if you regularly use air conditioning or the fridge, a single battery isn't enough.

Solar Battery Storage

The DoD (Depth of Discharge) should also be considered, when you are shopping for a solar battery for your new energy system. The higher the depth of discharge is, the longer the battery should last. Batteries that are over discharged or degraded will have less electricity stored and will be less cost-effective. The amount of electricity which is available to use is determined by the capacity of your solar batteries.

A solar battery can be charged up to be used in the evening or during times when the sun isn't out. This should save money on your energy bills since you'll not be paying for electricity when you don't have it. Cheap electricity will still be available to use, even on dark and overcast days when less solar power is being produced. You will also be able to send unwanted energy back to the grid, and you can get paid for it. This is particularly helpful during blackouts.

Solar PV Upgrades Tilehurst

Solar PV upgrades are a vital component in maintaining a solar power system's efficiency and effectiveness over time. The advancement of technology allows for upgrades to existing solar power panels, which can enhance their durability, performance, and longevity. Newer, more efficient solar panels are often installed as an upgrade to replace outdated ones in solar power systems. Increasing the amount of electricity generated also results in a reduced overall footprint of the solar array. Upgrades may include the installation of energy storage solutions, such as batteries, which can store excess energy generated during the day for later use at night or during periods of low sunlight. By upgrading inverters or incorporating micro-inverters, the system's ability to convert energy efficiently can be enhanced. Solar PV upgrades are also instrumental in mitigating global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When solar power systems' efficiency and output are increased, less fossil fuel is burned for electricity generation, which leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. The environmentally responsible nature of solar PV upgrades makes them a smart economic choice. To sum up, solar PV upgrades present an economical solution to enhance solar power systems' performance and maximize return on investment.

Solar Panel Relocation Tilehurst

Solar Panel Relocation Tilehurst

The process of moving existing solar panels from one place to another is known as solar panel relocation. A number of factors, including a change of property ownership, structural modifications, or the need to optimise solar energy production, can necessitate this undertaking. Regardless of the reasons, a successful changeover of solar panel relocation requires coordination, careful planning and technical expertise.

One of the main reasons for considering solar panel relocation is changes in property ownership. The new occupant of a property in Tilehurst might want to relocate the solar panels to a different location or change the way they are angled to maximise solar energy production. They might also want to make changes to the inverter to improve its efficiency. Relocation can also be caused by roof renovations or repairs. Roof repairs can sometimes necessitate the temporary removal of solar panels. The relocation process ensures the correct reinstallation of the solar panels after the roofing work has been finished.

Solar energy production optimisation is a further motivation for relocation. Shading that reduces solar panel efficiency can result from changes in landscaping, new construction or tree growth nearby as properties evolve. In cases like this, relocation can reposition the panels in a sunnier area, thus maximising energy production. This can be a especially advantageous way for home or business owners to improve their renewable energy output.

Careful planning and assessment are essential for solar panel relocation. Solar panel relocation requires an in-depth evaluation of the new location's structural considerations, shading patterns and solar exposure, which should be completed before beginning the process. Maximum exposure to sunlight for solar panels is ensured by decisions guided by this evaluation on their optimal positioning. (59718 - Solar Panel Relocation Tilehurst)

Tilehurst Solar Panel Tasks

Tilehurst Solar Panel Tasks

Your local Tilehurst solar panel technicians will be able to assist you with numerous low-carbon energy services including electric vehicle charging points, batteries & smart grids Tilehurst, solar panel replacement, solar system safety checks, the maintenance of solar panels, the supply and installation of solar PV systems, solar thermal installations Tilehurst, solar panels, air source heat pumps in Tilehurst, ground mounted solar panels, solar panel installations, the repair of solar panels, solar energy grants, renewable energy solutions, solar panels with battery, 400w solar panels Tilehurst, Tesla Powerwall installation, energy assessments, solar panel accessories, home solar panels, new build solar panels, solar hot water systems Tilehurst, solar panel cleaning, solar panel bird proofing, solar energy advice Tilehurst, the installation of solar panels Tilehurst, solar panel fitting, solar panel suitability assessments, 500w solar panels Tilehurst, solar panel relocation, alternative energy solutions, solar panels for shed Tilehurst, LED lighting Tilehurst, solar water heating systems, solar panels for greenhouses, and other energy related services in Tilehurst, Berkshire (RG31). Listed are just a small portion of the tasks that are handled by those installing solar panels. Tilehurst specialists will be happy to tell you about their entire range of solar services.

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