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Solar Panel Installation Wheathampstead Hertfordshire (AL4): If you're looking at installing solar panels, either for thermal (hot water) or electric generation, for your Wheathampstead property, it is useful to get some information about the advantages and disadvantages of what's involved. There's no doubt that the time looks right for making this move, with Government deals and grants to help reduce the costs involved, and opportunities to sell back unused electricity through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme.

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The generation of electricity by capturing the the sun's energy is covered by the technical term "solar photovoltaic" or solar PV. In Wheathampstead, and across Britain in general, sufficient sunlight can be processed by solar PV to accomplish great results from an installation on the roof of your property. In this way you can lessen your energy bills, and potentially even get some a refund through the Smart Export Guarantee scheme, by selling any excess electricity back to the utility company.

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By applying for a Green Homes Grant, you could even reduce the initial outlay of any solar power panels that you install on your property. You're able to apply for this grant, which was introduced in July 2020, of between 5 and 10 thousand pounds if you are applying green energy measures to your house. When you link the Green Homes Grant's financial assistance with the SEG it's easy to see why you have an ideal opportunity to think about solar panels for your property in Wheathampstead.


Every home and business premises requires hot water, so why wouldn't you use the sun's rays to generate it? Surprisingly, even the amount of sunlight which is experienced in the winter months is enough to significantly reduce the amount of gas or electricity that's needed to bring your water up the temperature that is required. As the season get warmer you will realise that your energy bills lower even further, and summer should see all your hot water demands being fulfilled by a thermal solar powered system.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is also accessible to any homeowner in Wheathampstead who's using a solar powered thermal system to heat their water. After being introduced to the business marketplace some years earlier, the RHI scheme was introduced for use in households in April 2014. Lasting for 7 years, it is a scheme of support designed to help anybody who switches to renewable technology for their heating. Qualifying subscribers to the Renewable Heat Incentive get a quarterly cash payout, dependant upon the type and size of equipment installed, which will continue for the whole 7 years included in this scheme.


There are numerous points you'll need to consider before you commence any solar panel installation on your Wheathampstead home:

  1. Do you own a home which might require planning permission for the installation of solar panels? - For most properties and homes in Wheathampstead, solar energy installation will be on the approved list of modifications that can be made. Only if your property is in a conservation area, is listed or if you have a flat roof will you have to check out the limitations in place with your local council.
  2. Do solar panels on my property have any effect on its market value? - The simple, but not really useful response from the Homeowners Association is that solar panels can have both a positive and negative effect on the value of your house. It really is a hard decision to make, yet in the majority of cases the installation of solar panels boosts the market value of your home, as people in general are becoming more environmentally conscious about the impact they have on the planet.
  3. Does your roof have a south or south-west facing direction? - Solar energy panels need to face in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to absorb the maximum possible amount of power from the sun's rays.
  4. Is your roof shaded by buildings or trees during the day? - Any amount of shade on the solar panels is going to greatly reduce their working capability and could even render them largely ineffectual.
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Bill Reduction - The greatest free energy source that's available to us our sun. So, there's no reason not to make use of it - is there? Besides the original outlay to install your solar panels, there are almost no maintenance charges to fret about, and you'll start to notice a reduction in your energy bills before too long. Precisely how much that is will depend upon the extent of your installation, but even a typical sized PV system can see savings of between ninety and three hundred and seventy pounds per year on your electric bill in the Wheathampstead area.

Noise Pollution - No noise is produced by solar PV installations. Wind generators which create electricity can make noises which certain people in Wheathampstead find irritating or annoying. As there are no moving parts in solar panels in Wheathampstead, there is no noise involved.

Extra Income - Through the Government backed SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme, you can sell any surplus electricity that you've created back to your utility provider. This could be in the form of credit towards your power bill every 3 months, or as a cash payment. This is in the form of a short contract which is set up between the homeowner and the electricity provider. These short-term contracts give homeowners the ability to switch electricity suppliers and get the best available tariffs on a regular basis.

Low Carbon Footprint - The creation of renewable, green energy can be achieved by using either a solar thermal or solar PV system on your property in Wheathampstead. The use of such eco-friendly systems can knock approximately two tonnes off your yearly carbon emissions.

Maintenance - There's hardly any maintenance necessary for solar panel installations in Wheathampstead. Aside from the odd clean, the solar panels can be left to their own devices and will carry on working for a minimum of twenty five years. The things that may need to be changed are the batteries (if you decide on this type of storage solution), although these will become better and longer lasting with advancements in technology.


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When you are looking for somebody to fit your solar panel system, it's preferable to get at least 3 quotes from local companies. You could get references from neighbours, family and friends if they already have solar panels. When getting a price quote always ask about schemes and grants which might offset costs and make solar panel installation more economical.

The person who does your survey should also provide a means by which to see previous solar panel installations on similar properties for you to examine; either via a web page or through a catalogue. A professional and reliable solar installation company in Wheathampstead will have a portfolio to display the quality of their workmanship on all types of homes and properties.

Affiliation with, or membership of one or more of the green energy organisations is something that a professional solar panel installer in Wheathampstead should have. These provide support, qualifications and training on all health & safety, working practices and equipment for every aspect of solar, and other green energy generating systems. Look for membership of one of these associations when picking out your solar installation company in Wheathampstead.

REA - The United Kingdom's premier professional body for the professional body sector is the REA (Renewable Energy Association). The REA uses its power to influence governmental policy for renewable energy solutions, and offers training for approximately five hundred and fifty member contractors as it strives for a zero carbon economy in the UK. The REA is a non-profit operation and among its members are: equipment manufacturers, fuel producers, installers, project developers, service providers and energy generators. These range from sole traders up to vast multi-national companies.

The Solar Trade Association - Provides the most cutting-edge technology training and solutions by working hand-in-hand with local councils, industry and Government, as well as leading players in the solar and green energy sector. Its membership ranges from multi-national corporations to small scale residential installers, and all are highly respected within the solar sector.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is the mark all solar panel installers and solar equipment, ought to have in the British Isles. The MCS scheme offers a quality mark for the solar PV panels and related apparatus, and that the company providing and installing the system are qualified and fully trained to do this.

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Solar PV Upgrades

Upgrading solar PV systems is crucial to maintaining their long-term efficiency and effectiveness. By upgrading existing solar power panels as technology advances, their output can be increased, their durability improved, and their lifespan extended. Upgrading solar power systems with newer, more efficient solar panels often involves replacing older ones. Not only does the electricity generation increase, but the solar array's overall footprint also decreases. In addition to other upgrades, energy storage solutions, like batteries, can be installed to store excess energy generated during the day for use at night or during periods of low sunlight. Additionally, adding micro-inverters or upgrading existing inverters can improve the conversion efficiency of the system. Not only residential and business users but also utility-scale solar power plants can benefit from solar PV upgrades. The optimisation of energy output, the reduction of maintenance costs and downtime, and the improvement of the energy grid's reliability are all benefits of upgrades. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an essential part of combatting climate change, and solar PV upgrades play a key role in achieving this. The increase in the efficiency and output of solar power systems leads to the burning of fewer fossil fuels for electricity generation, resulting in less carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. Solar PV upgrades are not only economically sound but also environmentally responsible.

Ground Source Heating Systems

Ground source heating systems, or geothermal heating systems, are used to heat buildings and homes located in Wheathampstead by using the constant earth temperature as a source of heat. The elimination of the need to burn fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon emissions make this renewable source of energy environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

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A ground source heating system absorbs heat from the earth by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze through pipes buried deep in the ground and conveys it to a heat pump. The heat is then amplified by the heat pump and directed around the building.

Ground source heating systems require a higher initial investment than conventional heating systems, but over time, homeowners can save money due to decreased energy bills and lower maintenance costs. As a sustainable and long-term heating solution, geothermal heating systems are a sensible investment since they are highly durable and can last for many years.

By reversing the heating process, ground source heating systems can cool buildings in the summer, providing both heating and cooling as an additional benefit. In a nutshell, with their sustainable and environmentally friendly nature, ground source heating systems offer a durable and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling buildings and homes in Wheathampstead.

Solar Panel Relocation

The act of relocating solar panels involves shifting the existing panels from their original location to a new site. The necessity of solar panel relocation can be attributed to factors like roof repairs, changes in property ownership, or the objective of optimising solar energy production. During relocation, it is crucial to plan and assess carefully to ensure the secure disconnection, transportation, and reinstallation of the panels at the new location. Coordinating with roofing professionals, electricians and solar specialists may be necessary. Achieving a well-executed solar panel relocation can amplify energy generation and empower businesses or homeowners to sustain the advantages of solar power in their new setting. (73902)

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Wheathampstead Solar Panel Tasks

Wheathampstead Solar Panel Tasks

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