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Solar Panel Installation Clevedon Somerset (BS21): If you're looking at reducing your hot water bills or generating electricity with a solar installation on your Clevedon home or property, what do you need to do to get the best out of it? It definitely appears to be a good time to hop on the solar panel train, with Government deals and grants allowing you to reduce the outlay, and in addition to that the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme which offers you the possibility to earn some money from any surplus energy that you produce through your system.

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The production of electricity from solar energy is epitomised by Solar Photovoltaics (PV). Effective electricity generation becomes achievable through Solar PV, given the ample sunlight in the Clevedon area. The adoption of Solar PV empowers residents to lower their electricity bills significantly and potentially realise a modest return on investment through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Selling surplus electricity back to the energy company via this scheme offers homeowners and businesses the chance to support a sustainable energy future while enjoying financial gains.

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By accessing the Green Homes Grant, you can even get assistance with funding the cost of your solar powered installation. If you are implementing green energy measures on your property in Clevedon, you can apply for this grant, which was revealed in the summer of 2020, of between five and ten thousand pounds. You've got the perfect opportunity at the moment, by using the SEG and the Green Home Grant, to install a solar PV system on your Clevedon home, for a small percentage of the overall cost, and also get a modest quarterly revenue from it.


Solar thermal systems will allow you to lower your heating bills using free energy from the sun. In winter, even during the reduced hours of sunlight and weaker strength of sun, it will successfully heat up your water and greatly reduce the amount of energy required to bring it up to temperature. In the summer, a properly installed solar thermal system will most likely satisfy all of your needs for hot water.

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You're eligible to sign up the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, if you decide to fit a solar hot water or heating system to your property in Clevedon. After its preliminary take up in the commercial marketplace in 2011, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme was also offered to residential users on the 9th April 2014. The scheme, which provides a seven year support package, is backed by a government guarantee for all those changing to renewables. Based upon the size and kind of equipment in place, eligible participants of the Renewable Heat Incentive receive a quarterly cash pay out, for the whole 7 years covered by this scheme.


Before you even think about starting the installation of solar panels on your home in Clevedon, there are a few details that must be considered, namely:

  1. Is the roof of your property shaded during the day by other buildings or trees? - Any shade on the solar panels is going to lower their efficiency and may even render them largely ineffectual.
  2. What impact on property values can solar panel installations have? - Solar panels have been known to both negatively and positively affect house prices. As understanding grows about environment and climate changes, it has been noticed that the positive value impacts on property prices have grown.
  3. Have you got a roof that faces towards the south or south-west? - Solar panels must face this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to capture the maximum amount of light from the sun.
  4. Do you own a property that will need planning permission for the installation of solar panels? - For a lot of properties and homes in Clevedon, solar panels will be on the approved list of modifications that can be done. But if you have a flat roof, own a listed building or reside in a conservation area, you'll need to confer with the local authority for any constraints in place.
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Reducing Bills - The largest free energy source that we can reap the benefits of is of course, our sun. So, you should take what you can, while you can. Once the initial outlay has been paid for your solar PV installation, you'll begin to see a drop in your power costs. The extent of these savings will likely be between £90 - £370 per year on your electric bill in the Clevedon area, but that will of course be subject to the number of solar PV panels you install.

Generate Income - Any excess electricity your solar panels produce can easily be sold back to your energy supplier via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), Government endorsed scheme. You can receive this pay out either as a credit towards your quarterly utility bill, or as cash paid directly to you. This Government endorsed scheme is a short term contract between the home owner and their electricity provider. Therefore you are not locked into one power supplier and can change providers to get a better tariff when the contract is up for renewal.

Maintenance Free - The low maintenance needs of solar PV systems makes them especially attractive. The panels require only a once yearly clean and will probably last for at least 25 years. If you decide on battery storage these will need to be changed over time, however the technology related to batteries is continually evolving and they're becoming longer lasting and more efficient every year.

Noise-Free - Solar is totally silent. That's not always the case with other alternative energy sources. Wind generators for instance can annoy and irritate householders with the noise that they make. Solar panel installations do not have any moving components - therefore they don't make any noise.

Low Carbon Footprint - To help you lessen your carbon footprint, the installation of either a solar PV or solar thermal system on your home in Clevedon will allow you to generate green, renewable energy. You could save up to 2 tonnes of damaging carbon emissions every year by installing a thermal hot water system and solar PV on your Clevedon home.


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When carrying out any type of home improvements, including solar PV systems, it is always wise to get at least 3 price quotes from nearby contractors. If any of your family, friends and neighbours have recently had solar panels fitted, ask who they used. Always enquire about available schemes and grants when you are getting the price quotes, since this can make your solar panels even more affordable and offset some of the costs.

Before agreeing to an estimate you should be able to look through a selection of solar installations completed by the company on comparable properties. A professional and experienced solar panel installer in Clevedon will have a detailed portfolio to display the quality of their work on all types of homes and properties.

The alternative energy industry is a rapidly growing sector and there are professional associations, organisations and trade bodies to support their members. These specialist trade organisations provide guidance, training and technological updates on all things connected with the renewable energy sector. A prerequisite before hiring any solar panel installer in Clevedon, will be membership of one or more of these alternative energy organisations.

MCS - Documentation from the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is a necessity for all small scale green energy systems and their installation engineers to have throughout the British Isles. Approval by the MCS for a specific company indicates that it's workforce have been trained in the right methods of installation, and that its solar generating equipment is fully approved and of top quality. The MCS supports and advocates the following sustainable technologies: air source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic panels, battery storage and bio-mass.

The Renewable Energy Association - Within the sustainable energy and clean technology industry, the primary professional body is the REA (Renewable Energy Association). The REA uses its power to influence governmental policy in relation to renewable energy solutions, and offers training facilities for over five hundred member businesses as it strives for a zero carbon economy by the year 2050.

The Solar Trade Association (STA) - The Solar Trade Association works at the spearhead of technology along with Government, local councils and industry, to make the very best solutions in solar technology available to all. From small-scale generation on residential homes, to huge solar panel farms, the STA provides training and support on installations, equipment and is a highly regarded and established leader in the solar energy sector.

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Solar panel services can be obtained in Wrington, Claverham, Cleeve, Lower Claverham, Kenn, Tickenham, Kingston Seymour, Walton Park, Walton-in-Gordano, Hewish, in these nearby postcodes: BS21 6ES, BS21 5HB, BS21 5LA, BS21 6FP, BS21 5AE, BS21 6BB, BS21 5HD, BS21 6DE, BS21 6AJ, and BS21 6EL, plus in Clevedon itself. Local solar panel installers will probably have the phone code 01275 and the postcode BS21. This is just one thing you can confirm if you would like to ensure that you hire a local solar panel installer. Local property owners have access to these green energy services as and when necessary. If you just click on the "quote" form or banner, you'll get info on solar panel installation in your region.

How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a House?

The requirement for the number of solar panels to power a house varies depending on factors like energy consumption, panel efficiency, location, and available space. Approximately 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) of power can be produced by a typical residential solar panel system as a rough estimate in the United Kingdom. Assuming an average daily electricity consumption of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh), meeting those needs would necessitate approximately 5 kW of solar panels. The precise number of panels will be contingent on factors such as efficiency, wattage, and other considerations. For a more precise assessment that takes into consideration your specific requirements and conditions, it is advisable to consult a reputable solar panel installer.

Solar Panel Cleaning Clevedon

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When you're thinking about the possibility of having solar panels installed on your home or business premises in Clevedon, I would imagine that the cleaning of them is just about the last of your concerns. You will however soon realise that keeping them clean is necessary, since having messy panels can cost you money in the long run by having an adverse impact on their efficiency and performance. If you prefer to think ahead, it is possible to have an automatic cleaning system installed for your solar panels, and this should be carried out simultaneously with your panels are installed, if you opt to go for this solution.

While solar panels can be kept partly clean by the regular action of the rain, you ought not depend on this completely. As time passes they'll undergo a build-up of grime and grease that will certainly have an adverse impact on the functionality of your solar panels, although they may look clean from the ground. To make sure that a serious accumulation of dirt doesn't arise, an annual cleaning agenda should be arranged. Now, with the clever and innovative attachments which are now available for pressure washers, carrying out your own solar panel cleaning is quite possibly achievable. If you aren't in a position to do this (or don't have the right devices), your could bring in a solar panel cleaning specialist in Clevedon, or maybe speak to a neighbourhood window cleaner.

Is Solar Energy Worth It?

We may not know exactly how it is going to aid the environment, but most of us realize that it's an alternative energy generator and what it does. There are numerous good things about solar energy but there are likewise some bad things which you have to realie prior to investing in it.

The longer term savings promises are probably the strongest attraction for people in Clevedon installing solar panels. Drawing your energy requirements from a solar installation immediately starts to save you money through not having to pay for electrical power. But switching to solar is not a cheap exercise. You get to the stage of delighting in free power only the moment you've recuperated the big sum of money you have to spend upfront for the panels and installation, and this is achieved from the monthly savings, over some time (known as the payback period). Evidently, if you use scarcely any energy then it'll take you a long time to recover your initial outlay, but if you utilize a lot of electricity then you stand to benefit a lot faster. Some governments extend motivators for utilizing solar energy, which may help towards the cost of setting up solar panels.

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Added to it being a great fiscal investment, solar energy is as well environmentally friendly - a big positive today. Solar energy generation does not call for any burning or emissions, unlike traditional fuel sources, which is why it's called "clean" - the direct advantage being that it does not damage the environment and our health. The quick result is that neither global warming nor acid rain is added to. The energy buzz-words, renewable and sustainable, are pertinent to solar energy since it will be available to us as long as the sun keeps shining.

The solar panels, which catch solar power, are normally installed on rooftops, where they are unnoticeable and out of immediate sight, which is mostly not true of wind turbines. Of course, if direct sunshine is not able to reach the panels, they would be useless, so they need to be situated correctly. In addition, solar panels are quiet and make no smell, so attract no attention in this way.

Solar energy systems don't need a lot of upkeep, except for initial installation and they can be expected to last for a long time, which means you can set them up and leave them there for several decades. Of the handful hassles with solar, though, maybe the worst is that they can't work at night. In order to have energy when it's dark, you can install a battery, or other back-up system. The only cost here is for putting them in place, since they can be recharged for free with solar energy.

You should most definitely investigate solar energy as an alternative source of power. It will cost you a considerable amount of money to to have it set up, afterwards it will save you money in the long haul, on top of which there is no damaging effect on the environment. If high energy bills are a concern for you, and you want to decrease your carbon footprint, solar energy provides a terrific solution.

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Solar panel inspections play a vital role in guaranteeing solar energy systems' efficiency and longevity. Thoroughly examining wiring, inverters, photovoltaic modules, and support structures, these assessments uncover damage, defects, or performance issues. Inspectors, in addition to verifying safety measures and electrical connections, scrutinize for dust, debris, and shading that may hamper energy production. Maximising energy output and avoiding expensive repairs, occasional inspections play a pivotal role in detecting potential issues early. Moreover, they bolster the overall sustainability of renewable energy by upholding the reliability of solar installations and ensuring their continued efficient utilisation of solar power.

Solar Panel Relocation

Solar Panel Relocation Clevedon

Moving existing solar panels from one place to another is a procedure called solar panel relocation. A change of property ownership, structural modifications, and the need to optimise solar energy production are just a few of the factors that can necessitate this endeavour. Regardless of the reasons, technical expertise, coordination and careful planning are the keys to a successful changeover of solar panel relocation.

A change of property ownership form a crucial basis for contemplating solar panel relocation. When a home in Clevedon changes hands, the new homeowner may have different preferences for solar panel positioning or may wish to adapt the solar system to their specific energy consumption patterns. Relocation can also be prompted by roof renovations or repairs. Solar panels may need to be temporarily removed to facilitate repairs to the roof. After the roofing work has been finished, the relocation process ensures that the solar panels are correctly reinstalled.

Optimising solar energy production is another reason for relocation. Homes and properties evolve over time, and new construction, changes in landscaping or tree growth nearby can result in shading that reduces the efficiency of solar panels. In such cases, relocation can reposition the panels in a sunnier spot, thus increasing energy production. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses or property owners hoping to improve their renewable energy output.

Solar panel relocation must be assessed and planned with great care. The relocation process should not be started before a thorough evaluation of the new location's shading patterns, solar exposure and structural considerations has been conducted. Decisions on the perfect positioning of solar panels, guided by this evaluation, ensure they receive the maximum possible sunlight exposure.

Efficient coordination is essential for a smooth solar panel relocation experience. To guarantee the safe disconnection, transportation, and reinstallation of solar panels, it is often essential to seek assistance from specialised installers, roofing professional and electricians. To prevent harm or damage, it is essential to disconnect the panels correctly and ensure their secure transportation.

When proficiently carried out, the relocation of solar panels presents quite a few benefits. It can also extend the longevity of the panels, beyond resolving changes in energy optimisation or property dynamics. Resulting in reduced disruption to energy production and minimal downtime, a carefully orchestrated panel relocation by specialists is key. (34156 - Solar Panel Relocation Clevedon)

Clevedon Solar Panel Tasks

Clevedon Solar Panel Tasks

Your chosen Clevedon solar panel installation company will be glad to assist you with a whole host of low-carbon energy services including batteries & smart grids in Clevedon, solar panels for garages, custom solar panel mounting solutions, EV charging point installation, LED lighting in Clevedon, solar panel systems, house solar panels, energy efficiency upgrades, solar panels for greenhouses, energy assessments Clevedon, solar energy installations, solar panels, air source heat pumps, commercial solar panel installations Clevedon, smart home technology Clevedon, wind turbines, green energy solutions, solar panel cleaning, battery backup systems, 500 watt solar panels Clevedon, solar panel suitability surveys, ground source heating systems, rooftop solar panels Clevedon, cheap solar panels, solar panel installation estimates, solar PV for businesses, solar panel fitting Clevedon, solar panel repairs, solar thermal heating installations in Clevedon, solar water heating systems, solar panels with battery, energy storage systems Clevedon, solar hot water systems, renewable energy solutions, electric vehicle charging, and other energy related services in Clevedon, Somerset (BS21). Listed are just a handful of the activities that are conducted by those specialising in solar panels. Clevedon professionals will keep you informed about their entire range of solar services.


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Also find: Walton Park solar panel installers, Cleeve solar panel installers, Claverham solar panel installers, Lower Claverham solar panel installers, Kingston Seymour solar panel installers, Walton-in-Gordano solar panel installers, Kenn solar panel installers, Wrington solar panel installers, Tickenham solar panel installers, Hewish solar panel installers and more. Most of these towns and villages are catered for by companies who fit solar panels. Local homeowners can get solar installation quotations by clicking here.

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