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Solar Panel Installation Hawkinge Kent (CT18): The installation of solar panels is in the forefront of many householder's thoughts at the moment, what with worries about the environment and rising energy costs, it's hardly surprising - but what are the advantages and drawbacks of fitting solar panels to your property in Hawkinge? It would certainly seem like a good time to hop on the solar panel freight train, with Government backed grants and deals allowing you to help reduce the outlay, and furthermore the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme which gives you the opportunity to get paid for any surplus power that you produce via your system.

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The term Solar Photovoltaic (PV) applies to the generation of electricity through the capture of the sun's energy. In Hawkinge, and throughout Britain on the whole, adequate sunlight can be processed by photovoltaic solar panels to attain great results from a system installed on your property. You will be able to lessen your energy bills and maybe even generate a modest income by making use of the SEG, with a correctly sited solar installation.

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To help homeowners in Hawkinge save energy and lower their carbon footprint, the Green Homes Grant can be used to cover most of the cost of solar panels. If you're carrying out green energy improvements on your property in Hawkinge, you can make an application for this grant, which the Conservative Government revealed in the summer of 2020, of between £5,000 - £10,000. You've got the ideal opportunity at this time, by using the SEG and the Green Home Grant, to install a solar PV installation on your Hawkinge property, for a small fraction of the cost, and get a small quarterly revenue from it.


Solar thermal systems will enable you to reduce your heating bills using nothing but free power from the sun. Even in winter there's ample sunlight to preheat your water supply and thus lower the quantity of electricity or gas that is consumed to get the water up to the required temperature. And during the summer months, just about all your hot water requirements can be satisfied by a solar thermal system which has been properly installed on your property.

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Schemes available to Hawkinge householders include the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Since 2011 only available to businesses, the RHI scheme was opened up for domestic use in 2014 (9th April). It offers a 7 year support package for those changing to renewable heating options, including photovoltaic thermal systems. A 3 monthly cash payment will be received by eligible subscribers for the period of the scheme.


Before you even think about starting the installation of a solar power system onto the roof of your property in Hawkinge, there are a number of matters that have to be looked into, including:

  1. Does your roof face south or south-west? - Solar panels must face this direction in the Northern Hemisphere to absorb the maximum amount of light from the sun.
  2. What impact on property values can solar panel installations cause? - Solar panels have been found to both negatively and positively affect property prices. As consciousness grows concerning environment and climate changes, it's been observed that the positive value impacts on house prices have grown.
  3. Is your property's roof affected by tall trees or high buildings which create shade over it? - Shade can reduce the effectiveness of any solar panel and severe shading can render them useless.
  4. Do you own a home that may need planning permission to install solar panels? - In the majority of cases you will not need planning permission on your Hawkinge home for solar energy panels on your roof. Only if your property is listed, in a conservation area or if you've got a flat roof will you need to check out the restrictions that may be in place with your local planning department.
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Maintenance - One of the more appealing attributes of solar energy panels is that they're pretty much maintenance free. As long as they're kept clean and shade-free, modern panels should continue to provide "green" electricity for twenty five years or more. You may have to exchange the batteries if you are using battery storage, however these are becoming longer lasting and more efficient as the technology improves.

Noise-Free - Solar panels and the connected equipment is entirely silent. Property owners can be disturbed by the sounds which are generated by other renewable energy solutions - wind turbine generators for instance. Because thermal and solar PV systems in Hawkinge have no moving parts during operation, there is no noise generated by the equipment or panels.

Generate Income - If your solar array generates more electricity than you need, you can sell this back to your utility provider through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme. You can receive this payment either as a credit towards your 3 monthly electricity bill, or as a direct cash payment to you. A short contract is arranged between the electricity provider and the homeowner. The benefit of this situation is that you're not bound to any particular electric provider, so when the contract is up for renewal, you can change suppliers.

Reduced Bills - The energy that's created by the sun will never run out. So, there is no reason not to make use of it - is there? You should start to see a decrease in your power charges straight away, and aside from the original outlay to install your solar installation, there are very few maintenance charges to be concerned with. A typical solar panel system should save you between £90 - £370 each year on your electricity bill, although the size and extent of your particular installation will have an impact on this.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - The installation of either a solar PV or solar thermal system on your home in Hawkinge will allow you to create renewable, green energy to help reduce your carbon footprint. You could save up to 2 tonnes of carbon emissions each year by installing a thermal hot water system and solar PV on your Hawkinge home.


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If a solar panel system has been installed on the properties of any of your friends, neighbours or family members, you can ask them for references and recommendations. But, whatever happens be sure to get a minimum of 3 price quotes from local installers. To help lessen the initial cost of buying and installing your solar panels, it is prudent to ask about grants that are being offered in the area for renewable energy schemes, whilst you are collecting your price quotes.

Any potential solar power company you are considering should also be willing to provide you with specifics of work that they have recently accomplished. By providing a photographic portfolio for you to look through, a decent solar system installer in Hawkinge will be happy to showcase their list of past customers and their experience in the renewables industry.

A number of professional bodies, organisations and associations work hand in hand with the green energy industry which is a rapidly growing and ever-changing business. These specialized trade organisations offer technological updates, training and guidance on everything connected with the alternative energy sector. When picking your solar panel installer in Hawkinge, look for membership of at least one of the following professional bodies in the green and renewable energy sector.

MCS - Solar panel installations in Hawkinge should only be undertaken by Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved contractors. A company that is approved by the MCS, has a crew that is fully trained and qualified, and installs only superior quality photovoltaic equipment.

REA - Within the green energy and clean technology industry, the premier trade body is the Renewable Energy Association (REA). It is involved in training and swaying policy towards a zero carbon economy, and currently has more than five hundred member contractors.

STA - Invariably on the front line of low-carbon technology, the Solar Trade Association works alongside local councils, industry and Government agencies to provide solar solutions all around Britain. Its members range from localised residential installers to multi-national organisations, and all are highly esteemed within the solar energy industry.

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Solar panel providers can be located in the Hawkinge area, and in: Capel-le-Ferne, Old Hawkinge, Arpinge, Drellingore, Etchinghill, Peene, Densole, South Alkham, Ottinge, Paddlesworth, Swingfield Minnis, Acrise Place, North Elham, Lower Syanden, Ewell Minnis, plus places with postcodes like: , CT18 7QE, CT18 7GY, CT18 7SS, CT18 7PS, CT18 7PR, CT18 7TL, CT18 7RF, CT18 7QF, and CT18 7FG. Solar panel installers from the local area will normally have the postcode CT18 and the phone code 01303. Confirming this can make certain that you're accessing a local solar panel installer. Local homeowners are spoiled for choice when trying to find renewable energy services.

Solar Inverters

To effectively use the energy produced by your solar panels, you need a solar inverter to convert the DC electricity into AC. The standard flow of electricity required to power your home appliances and connect to the National Grid is AC, and a solar inverter is what converts DC electricity into AC. A solar inverter is necessary for the safe transformation of solar energy into usable power for your home, without it, you are powerless.

The performance of a solar panel system is limited by its weakest part, hence, an excellent inverter is a necessary component of your panel setup. An outstanding inverter is a vital aspect of your panel setup for maximizing the energy produced by your solar panels. The four main classes of solar inverters available for solar panel usage are: power optimisers, micro-inverters, string inverters and hybrid inverters. Only by talking to a professional solar panel installer can you find out which solar inverter would suit your specific system.

Ground Source Heating Systems

To warm homes and buildings in Hawkinge, ground source heating systems or geothermal heating systems are used, which rely on the constant earth temperature as a heat source. This renewable source of energy is highly efficient and eco-friendly because it reduces emissions of carbon and eliminates the dependence on fossil fuels.

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A geothermal heating system absorbs heat from the earth by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze through pipes buried deep in the ground and conveys it to a heat pump. The task of amplifying the heat and circulating it throughout the building falls to the heat pump.

Although ground source heating systems have a higher initial cost than traditional heating systems, they can save homeowners money in the long run through reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs. Geothermal heating systems are perfect for those who want a sustainable and long-term heating solution due to their high durability, which allows them to last for many years.

Geothermal heating systems provide an extra advantage of being able to cool buildings in the summer by reversing the heating process, effectively providing both heating and cooling. In summation, geothermal or ground source heating systems are an excellent choice for those seeking a sustainable and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution with long-term cost savings and durability.

How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Run a House?

Factors like energy consumption, panel efficiency, location, and available space contribute to the variability in the number of solar panels required to power a house. As a rough estimate, the power output of a typical residential solar panel system in the United Kingdom falls within the range of 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW). Approximately 5 kW of solar panels would be needed to meet those needs, based on an average daily electricity consumption of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Determining the specific number of panels relies on factors such as efficiency, wattage, and other variables. It is advisable to consult a reputable solar installer who can offer a more precise assessment, taking into account your specific requirements and conditions.

Solar Panel Installers Hawkinge

The transition to sustainable energy sources is heavily reliant on solar panel installers. The installation of solar panels on rooftops, grounds, and other structures in Hawkinge is carefully and precisely carried out by these skilled professionals. Assessing the site's suitability, configuring solar arrays, and ensuring optimal positioning for maximum energy capture are all part of their work.

Solar panel installers' technical expertise is not only valuable, but it also helps to reduce carbon footprints and energy bills for homes and businesses. Their work is essential for the transition to a more sustainable energy future, as they facilitate the deployment of clean, renewable solar energy, which helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate environmental impacts.

The rapidly growing solar panel industry has created a high demand for installers. Not only does their work benefit the environment, but it also creates jobs and stimulates local economies. By making solar power accessible to a broader population and driving the global transition towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, these professionals are playing an essential role in the world's shift towards renewable energy. (33224 - Solar Panel Installers Hawkinge)

Solar Panel Relocation Hawkinge

A process called solar panel relocation involves moving pre-existing solar panels from one place to another. This endeavour can be necessitated by the desire to optimise the production of solar energy, among other factors such as changes in property ownership and structural modifications. A successful changeover of the relocation of solar panels is not possible without technical expertise, careful planning and coordination, regardless of the reasons.

Solar panel relocation is most commonly due to a change of property ownership. The new householder of a home in Hawkinge may want to relocate the solar panels to a different location or change the way they're angled to maximise solar energy production. They may also want to make changes to the inverter to improve its efficiency. Relocation can also be prompted by roof renovations or repairs. In cases where roofing work is required, solar panels may need to be temporarily removed to facilitate repairs. The relocation process ensures the proper reinstallation of the solar panels after the roofing work is completed.

Optimising solar energy production is another driving force behind relocation. Homes and properties in Hawkinge evolve over time, and tree growth, new construction or changes in landscaping nearby can result in shading that reduces solar panel efficiency. In such cases, relocation can reposition the panels in a sunnier area, thus increasing energy production. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses or householders aiming to enhance their renewable energy output. (68451 - Solar Panel Relocation Hawkinge)

Hawkinge Solar Panel Tasks

Hawkinge Solar Panel Tasks

The range of tasks that can be completed by your local solar panel installer are varied and wide, and will include things like solar panel systems Hawkinge, solar energy advice, electric heating Hawkinge, the repair of solar panels, ground mounted solar panels, solar panels for shed, the installation of solar panels Hawkinge, EV charging in Hawkinge, solar panels for greenhouses in Hawkinge, ground source heating systems, biomass boiler installation, solar panel mounting, house solar panels Hawkinge, energy assessments, solar PV upgrades, industrial solar panel installations Hawkinge, solar panels Hawkinge, green energy solutions, solar thermal heating, 200w solar panels Hawkinge, solar panel surveys in Hawkinge, LED lighting, solar hot water system installation, renewable energy solutions, 300w solar panels Hawkinge, battery storage solutions, 400 watt solar panels Hawkinge, shower heat recovery systems, solar panels for garages, cheap solar panels, energy storage systems, thermal solar panels, solar energy installations, Tesla Powerwall installation in Hawkinge, solar panel fitting, and others not listed here. In terms of what is available, this is by no means a comprehensive list of the services which are offered by the local solar panel installer. You can easily CLICK HERE and enter your details on our quote form, if there are some other Hawkinge renewable energy requirements that you require but cannot see here.

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While you may just be on the lookout for somebody who is able to do solar panel installation in Hawkinge, Kent, you could likewise get solar panel cleaning in Hawkinge, solar panel repairs in Hawkinge, underfloor heating in Hawkinge, scaffolding hire in Hawkinge, heat pumps in Hawkinge, gas boiler installation in Hawkinge, solar thermal heating in Hawkinge, solar hot water in Hawkinge, green energy in Hawkinge, solar panel maintenance in Hawkinge, roofers in Hawkinge, hot water tank installation in Hawkinge, carpenters in Hawkinge, renewable energy in Hawkinge, SKIP HIRE in Hawkinge, roof cleaning in Hawkinge, solar panel upgrades in Hawkinge.

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