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Solar Panel Installation Hanley Staffordshire (ST1): The installation of solar energy panels is in the forefront of many property owner's thoughts right now, what with continually rising energy costs and fears for the environment, it's not that surprising - however what are the pluses and minuses of fitting solar panels to your house in Hanley? There are Government grants and schemes to greatly reduce the outlay, and the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which succeeded the 2010 feed-in tariff scheme in 2019, can even deliver a modest income from your solar panels.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is the correct term for electricity generation from the sun's rays. Great results and energy generation can be achieved by a professional solar installation on the roof of your Hanley home or business premises. An effectively located solar power installation can lower your power bills and perhaps even produce a modest income by using the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

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To help homeowners in Hanley to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy, they can access the government backed Green Homes Grant to cover most of the cost of solar panels. If you're applying green energy improvements to your home in Hanley, you can make an application for this grant, which was introduced in July 2020, of between five and ten thousand pounds. I'm sure you can see why lots of property owners in Hanley are figuring out that this is the ideal time to look into the possibility of installing solar panels.


The requirement for constant hot water is always present, regardless of how large your home or business premises in Hanley is. In wintertime, even with the reduced sunlight hours and weaker sun strength, it will heat up your water and greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to bring it up to a suitable temperature. In summertime it is even perfectly possible to have all your hot water demands met with nothing but a solar thermal system installed.

Solar Panel Installation Hanley

If you choose to fit a solar powered hot water or heating system to your home in Hanley, you're eligible to join the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme. After its preliminary introduction in the commercial sector several years earlier, the RHI scheme was brought in for use in households in 2014 (9th April). The scheme, which lasts for 7 years, is supported by a government guarantee for all those changing to renewable technologies. If your house in Hanley qualifies to be a part of the Renewable Heat Incentive, you will receive a cash payout every 3 months over the period of 7 years.


Before you begin any solar panel installation on your home in Hanley, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  1. Does your roof have a south or south-west facing aspect? - This helps to maximise the performance of the solar PV panels by absorbing the largest possible amount of sun.
  2. Are you the owner of a property that might need planning permission to install solar panels? - For many properties and homes in Hanley, solar panels will be on the approved list of alterations that can be made. Only if your home is listed, in a conservation area or if you have a flat roof will you have to check up on the restrictions that may exist with your local authority.
  3. Does your property's roof get full sun during the day, or is it partly shaded by structures or vegetation? - Any amount of shade on the solar panels is going to greatly reduce their working capability and could even make them largely ineffective.
  4. Does the installation of solar panels on my house have an effect on its resale value? - The simple, but not really useful assessment from the Homeowners Association is that solar panel installations can have both a positive and negative impact on the value of your property. It is actually a hard decision to make, nevertheless in the vast majority of scenarios a solar panel installation increases the market value of your home, because more people in general are becoming environmentally conscious about their impact on our planet.
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Maintenance Free - Among the most attractive characteristics of solar PV systems is that they require little or no maintenance. Modern day panels can be expected to provide hot water and electricity for around twenty five years, providing they're kept shade-free and clean. If your system has batteries attached for storage, these will have to be exchanged every few years, but as this technology is continually improving, battery life and efficiency is progressing year on year.

Extra Income - Any extra electrical power your solar panel installation produces can be sold back to your utility provider using the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee), Government backed scheme. This may be by way of credit towards your electric bill each quarter, or as a cash payment. This is in the form of a short contract which is set up between the electricity supplier and the property owner. The benefit of this situation is that you're never locked into any one electric provider, so when the contract is due to be renewed, you can readily switch suppliers.

Noise-Free - Solar PV installations don't make any noise. Homeowners can be irritated by the sounds that are generated by other alternative energy options - wind generators for example. Solar panels have not got any moving components - hence there's nothing to make a noise.

Reducing Bills - The biggest free energy source that we can make use of is obviously, the sun. So, there is no reason not to take advantage of it - is there? You'll start to see a reduction in your electricity bills before too long, and if you disregard the initial expenditure to install your solar panels, there will be hardly any upkeep bills to stress about. The size of your solar panel installation will have an impact on the savings you can obtain, but a typical solar energy system can save you £90 and £370 (depending on your situation) annually on your bills.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - The production of renewable, green energy can be accomplished through the installation of either a solar thermal system or solar PV on your home in Hanley. Approximately two tonnes can be removed from your carbon emissions annually, through the use of such "green" systems.


Solar Panel Installers Near Hanley Staffordshire

If you have neighbours, friends or family members who have had a solar panel installation on their houses, it is always good to ask their advice regarding installers in Hanley; however remember to always get at least 3 estimates. You should ask about schemes and grants when you're obtaining a quote, since this can make your solar panels more affordable and offset some of the costs.

It's also important to see some evidence of work that has been accomplished by any potential solar panel installer you're looking into. To present the work they do on all types of homes, a professional and competent solar installation company in Hanley will have an extensive photographic portfolio.

An established solar panel installer in Hanley ought to have membership or affiliation with at least one sustainable energy association. These offer support, training and qualifications relating to all equipment, health & safety and working practices for every aspect of solar, and other alternative energy generation systems. Watch out for membership of one of the following organisations when choosing your solar installation company in Hanley.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - Only MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approved companies should undertake solar panel system installations in Hanley. MCS recognition is a benchmark of high quality for an solar installation contractor, and for the solar generating equipment that it provides. The MCS supports and encourages the following low-carbon technologies: biomass heating systems, solar photovoltaic panels, solar battery storage and air source heat pumps.

The Solar Trade Association - The Solar Trade Association works alongside Government, local councils and industry to deliver solar energy solutions across the nation, and is always at the spearhead of renewable technology. From localised generation on residential homes, to massive solar panel farms, the Solar Trade Association provides support and training on installations, equipment and is an established forerunner in the solar industry.

REA - The United Kingdom's premier professional organisation for the professional organisation sector is the REA. It has a commitment to building net-zero carbon emissions by the provision of education and training to roughly five hundred and fifty company members, and using its influence to mould government policy for renewable energy sources.

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Solar panel providers can be obtained in Abbey Hulton, Etruria, Cliffe Vale, Smallthorne, Milton, Basford, Bucknall, Ash Bank, Baddeley Edge, Shelton, Sneyd Green, in these postcodes: ST1 2DS, ST1 2LW, ST1 2LL, ST1 1JJ, ST1 1LL, ST1 2AA, ST1 1LS, ST1 2AJ, ST1 1NB, ST1 2EW, plus in Hanley itself. If they have the postcode ST1 and the dialling code 01782, it's probable that they hail from Hanley or somewhere nearby. This is handy to know if you wish to verify that you are considering a locally based solar panel installer. Hanley people have the use of these and other similar services at any time the need arises.

Solar PV Upgrades

Solar PV upgrades are a vital component in maintaining a solar power system's effectiveness and efficiency over time. Advances in technology make it possible to upgrade existing solar PV panels, resulting in improved durability, increased output, and extended lifespan. One of the most common upgrades is replacing older solar panels with newer, more efficient versions. This not only increases the amount of electricity generated but also reduces the overall footprint of the solar array. Another upgrade option is to install energy storage solutions, like batteries, to store excess energy during the day for later use when there is very little sunlight. By upgrading inverters or incorporating micro-inverters, the system's ability to convert energy efficiently can be enhanced. Solar PV upgrades can provide benefits for both business and residential users, as well as utility-scale solar power plants. By upgrading, energy output can be maximised, maintenance costs and downtime reduced, and the energy grid's reliability ultimately improved. In summary, solar PV upgrades represent a cost-effective way to increase the performance of solar power systems and improve the return on investment over their lifetime.

Solar Panel Batteries

If you wish to store the electricity which is generated by your solar power panels for use later, this can be achieved with batteries. Your home, phone or car can be powered by these solar batteries. The size and capacity of battery that you go for will be determined by your exact requirements. For example, if you regularly use the air conditioner or the refrigerator, one battery may not be sufficient.

Solar Battery Storage

When purchasing solar batteries for your new energy system, you should certainly take into account the DoD (or Depth of Discharge). Higher depth of discharge means a battery that will last longer. The least cost-efficient batteries are the ones that are over discharged or degraded, because less electricity is stored. Since it determines how much available energy your home can use, the battery's capacity is crucial.

Batteries can be charged to be used at night or during times when the sun's not out. This means you'll still be saving money even when your solar panels aren't producing energy. Even on dark and overcast days, your solar system will still be providing cheap electricity. You will also be able to send unwanted power back to the grid, and you can get paid for it. (Tags: Solar Panels & Batteries Hanley, Solar Storage Hanley, Solar Battery Hanley, Solar Panel Batteries Hanley)

Solar Panel Cleaning Hanley

Solar Panel Cleaning Hanley (01782)

When you are considering the prospect of having solar panels installed on your property in Hanley, I guess that the cleaning of them is just about the last of your concerns. You will however soon realise that cleaning them is necessary, since having dirty panels can prove costly by having an adverse impact on their performance. While your solar energy panels are being mounted it might be worth adding an automatic cleaning system, which is fairly costly in the beginning, but will save you cash in the future.

Whilst many folks may inform you that your solar panels will be kept clean by the action of rain, this is not entirely true. Although they might look like they are satisfactorily clean when viewed from ground level, the performance and efficiency of your solar panels may be diminished by a thin covering of grease and dirt that builds up over the months. If you didn't choose the automatic cleaning solution, you will need to set up a regular cleaning itinerary to prevent any serious build-up of filth. With the availability of innovative cleaning attachments for power washers (for example Karcher), you may be in a position to conduct the cleaning yourself. Alternatively, you could ask local Hanley window cleaners if they provide such services, or contact a solar panel cleaning service, if you can locate one in the area.

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a crucial component in any solar PV system, as it converts DC electricity into AC. Your solar panel system's solar inverter changes the DC electricity produced by the panels into AC, allowing you to safely power your home and connect to the National Grid. It's a basic fact, you need a solar inverter to transform your solar energy into a secure source of power for your home.

Your solar panel system's efficiency can only be as strong as its weakest component, making a high-quality inverter a crucial aspect of your panel setup. It optimizes the energy generated from your solar panels. Four key varieties of solar inverters are offered for integration with your solar panels: string inverters, hybrid inverters, power optimisers and micro-inverters. If you want to know which solar inverter is right for your specific solar panel setup, you need to speak with a professional installer.

Solar Energy Pluses and Minuses

Individuals in Hanley are often on the lookout for ways to save money, and make their lives easier. One thing that many people are trying is solar energy, but is it working out for everyone? There can be various ways in which you use solar energy to increase your savings. Solar energy has both benefits and drawbacks and so they should both be taken into consideration. The biggest advantage definitely is that the power being created from the sun is clean and natural. Fossil fuels don't need to be mixed in order to produce the energy. The devices essential to generate the solar energy are solar collectors, or solar panels.

Conventional heating devices like electric heating are more pricey than solar energy in the long run. Depending on where you live, if electricity isn't readily available to you, solar energy is a great assistance. You will discover several different ways in which solar energy can contribute to your savings and help power the electronics in your home. If you'd like fresh water you could drink, solar energy can change salt water into fresh water. The salt water disappears when the solar energy is employed in this system leaving behind salt crystals. After it has finished evaporating, it condenses in to a distinct basin.

Up to now, it looks like solar energy is the greatest system imaginable with nothing but positives, but to get the complete picture the negatives need to be revealed also. The fact that you have to have many solar collectors is the top disadvantage. Repair of the photo voltaic collectors plus the cost of them can be more than you can afford to spend. Your initial investment may be overpriced and considering the length of time you will be using the panels,not worth it.

Sunlight can be temperamental and if you live somewhere that doesn't receive too much sun it can be a big drawback to solar energy collection. The solar powered energy collection is going to be ineffective if there is cloudy weather or if it rains or snows. Before you decide to start purchasing solar panels, make sure that you have adequate sunlight throughout the entire year to make it worthwhile. If you are blessed enough to live in a desert, you should not be worried about having enough sunlight.

One more thing about the sun is that it simply shines during the day, and for a lot of the year, the day isn't very long. Having readily-available electricity at night is something you should also become aware of. Retaining the solar energy to be used later on is an extremely practical thing to do whenever night comes along.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Your home in Hanley can benefit greatly from the installation of solar panels as they provide a consistent source of renewable energy, but keeping them properly maintained is important. Solar panel companies recommend a cleaning schedule of between 2 and 4 times per year. If your panels are generating less energy than normal, a monitoring station can detect this. The reason for this might be the accumulation of dirt and debris on your panels. Keeping your panels properly maintained will enhance their efficiency and extend their useful life. If you have ground mounted solar panels, they're more manageable to maintain than roof mounted ones. Ground-mounted panels are susceptible to problems during heavy rain, such as bounce back and mud splashes, based on the type of ground they have been installed on. The panels must be assessed for damage during snowfall and after any hail or thunderstorms to ensure their proper functioning.

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Hanley Solar Panel Tasks

Hanley Solar Panel Tasks

Your chosen Hanley solar panel technicians will be happy to help you with a range of low-carbon energy services including things like photovoltaic solar panels, solar panel accessories Hanley, sustainable energy solutions, 500 watt solar panels Hanley, commercial solar panel installations Hanley, ground mounted solar PV, green energy solutions, solar panel bird proofing in Hanley, solar panel installation estimates, renewable heating, solar energy installations, biomass boilers, electric heating, solar panels for garages, 200w solar panels Hanley, electric vehicle charging points Hanley, the installation of solar panels Hanley, solar panel installation, solar panel systems in Hanley, solar panels for greenhouses, solar PV panel installations, solar panel surveys in Hanley, solar photovoltaic energy systems in Hanley, house solar panels, solar panel fitting, energy need assessments, renewable heat installations, solar panel maintenance, solar thermal energy solutions in Hanley, solar panel mounting Hanley, 300 watt solar panels Hanley, alternative energy solutions, EV charging points, thermal solar panels, solar PV inverters, and other similar services in Hanley, Staffordshire (ST1). These are just a few of the activities that are carried out by people specialising in solar panels. Hanley professionals will let you know their whole range of services.

Family & Friends

An excellent idea, when you're on the lookout for a contractor or service for your project in Hanley, is to get friends and relatives recommendations. So as to identify someone who is perfect for your requirements, word of mouth references are generally best, and can sometimes give you the opportunity to single out a cowboy company with a terrible reputation.

Friends and Family

Getting feedback from an acquaintance or family member will also mean that you get an insight into the timekeeping and reliability of the company, and if things went awry, what the contractor's attitude was like and how swiftly were the errors put right. They will also be able to give you details about the quote process and how close the original estimate was in comparison with the eventual price charged by the company.

At the end of the day, when it comes to advice, your friends and relatives are individuals you know and trust to be frank. If they have had an unsatisfactory experience in dealing with a particular contractor or company, they may well be hesitant to chat about them in any detail. And, rather than 'casting aspersions on' a poor contractor, many folks may even endorse a different company, because generally speaking most folks will be more than happy to discuss a decent contractor and less inclined to discuss an inferior one.

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Around Staffordshire you will also find: Hollinsclough solar panel fitters, Waterhouses solar panel engineers, Cannock Wood solar panel technicians, Hanbury solar panel installers, Berkswich solar panel installers, Ravenhill solar panel fitters, Bradley solar panel engineers, Denstone solar panel engineers, Balterley solar panel engineers, Brizlincote solar panel installation, Whittington solar panel technicians, Milwich solar panel technicians, Fawfieldhead solar panel installers, Ranton solar panel installation, Hints solar panel fitters, Milwich solar panel engineers, Mayfield solar panel installation, Creswell solar panel engineers, Thorpe Constantine solar installers, Alrewas solar panel engineers, Mayfield solar panel engineers, Shelton solar panel fitters, Hopwas solar panel engineers, Stretton solar panel engineers, Baldwins Gate solar panel technicians, Longdon solar panel installers, Anslow solar panel engineers, Croxden solar installers, Kings Bromley solar installers.

When you are looking for solar PV installers, it may not always be possible to find someone suitable in Hanley itself, but because there are a fair few companies and individuals in most areas of Staffordshire who'll be delighted to help you with solar panel installation, you should be able to locate somebody close by.


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Also find: Sneyd Green solar panel installers, Cliffe Vale solar panel installers, Ash Bank solar panel installers, Smallthorne solar panel installers, Shelton solar panel installers, Bucknall solar panel installers, Milton solar panel installers, Basford solar panel installers, Baddeley Edge solar panel installers, Abbey Hulton solar panel installers, Etruria solar panel installer services and more. The majority of these places are served by companies who fit solar panels. Hanley residents can get price quotes by clicking here.

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Householders in the following Hanley locations have recently enquired about the installation of solar panels: Morley Street, Ridgeway Road, College Road, Paxton Street, Argyle Street, Adventure Place, Ashford Street, Water Glades Close, Bromford Place, Trinity Street, Twemlow Street, Cobridge Road, Sefton Street, Tattershall Court, Shelton Boulevard, Clifford Street, Lichfield Street, Cemetery Road, Caledonia Road, Spencer Road, John Street, Weaver Street, Clyde Street, Darnley Street, Boughey Road, Bullrushes Close, Houghton Street, Lower Bedford Street, Warwick Street, and in these postcodes: ST1 2DS, ST1 2LW, ST1 2LL, ST1 1JJ, ST1 1LL, ST1 2AA, ST1 1LS, ST1 2AJ, ST1 1NB, ST1 2EW. Work was undertaken in these areas by specialists in solar panels. Hanley property owners enjoyed the benefits of reliable and high quality solar services in every case.

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