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Solar Panel Installation Whyteleafe Surrey (CR3): The installation of solar panels is front and centre of many homeowner's thoughts right now, what with constantly rising energy costs and worries about the environment, it's not that surprising - however what are the pluses and minuses of installing solar panels on your home in Whyteleafe? No one would argue that it's an excellent time to be considering solar panel installations with Government financed schemes, such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) offering ways of making cash from such systems.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is the technical expression for electricity production from the sun. In Whyteleafe, and across the United Kingdom on the whole, enough sunlight can be utilised by photovoltaic panels to attain amazing results from a system installed on your property. In doing this you can lower your energy bills, and maybe even get a bit of money back via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme (SEG), by selling any excess electricity back to the utility company.

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Additionally you can get help with paying for your solar panels with the recently introduced Green Homes Grant. This provides vouchers of between 5 and 10 thousand pounds for improvements that are done on your house, and was revealed by the Government in 2020. So, if you want to install solar panels onto the roof of your Whyteleafe home at a percentage of the real cost, and on top of that get paid a residual income from the electricity that they generate, all you have to do is integrate the benefits of the SEG with the financial help of the Green Homes Grant.


The demand for instant hot water is always essential, regardless of what the size of your household or business premises in Whyteleafe is. In winter, even during the reduced sunlight hours and weaker sun strength, it will heat up your water and lower the quantity of energy required to bring it up to a suitable temperature. In the summer season it is even perfectly possible to have all of your hot water demands met with a solar thermal system installed.

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The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is also accessible to any house owner in Whyteleafe using a solar thermal system to heat their water. After its preliminary introduction in the business marketplace some years earlier, the Renewable Heat Incentive was introduced for use in households in 2014. Lasting for seven years, it is a scheme of support designed to help all those who switch to renewable types of heating. A quarterly cash payout will be paid to qualified subscribers for the duration of the scheme.


You should bear in mind the following things if you believe that you're now ready to install a solar power system on your house in Whyteleafe:

  1. Is your home's roof impacted by tall trees or high buildings which create shade on it? - You need full sunlight for maximum effectiveness, and any shade will lower the power generated by the solar panels.
  2. Do you own a home which may require planning permission for the installation of solar panels? - In the majority of instances you will not need to apply for planning permission on your Whyteleafe property for solar panels on your roof. However if you live in a conservation area, have a flat roof or have a listed building, you'll need to seek advice from your local authority of any restrictions in place.
  3. What impact on property values can solar panel installations have? - As outlined by the Homeowners Association, it has been found that positive and negative variations have occurred in the past due to solar power installations on a property. It is actually a hard decision to make, nevertheless in the vast majority of scenarios installing solar panels boosts the market value of your home, as more people in general are becoming environmentally conscious about their impact on the planet.
  4. Does your roof have a south or south-west facing aspect? - This helps maximise the performance of the solar PV panels by capturing the greatest amount of sun possible.
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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint - The generation of renewable, green energy is achievable by installing either a solar PV or solar thermal system on your house in Whyteleafe. The use of such "green" systems can knock almost two tonnes off your yearly carbon emissions.

Noise Pollution - There's no sound at all with solar installations. Householders can be disturbed by the noises which are made by other alternative energy options - wind turbine generators for example. Because thermal and solar PV systems in Whyteleafe haven't got any moving components during operation, there is no noise made by the panels or equipment.

Extra Income - Through the Government supported Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you can sell any unneeded electricity that you've generated back to your utility provider. This can be deducted from your quarterly electric bills, or paid directly to you as a cash payment. This Government guaranteed scheme is a contract between the property owner and their utility supplier. The short term contract is beneficial to property owners as it permits them to swap suppliers for the cheapest tariffs once the contract is finished.

Reduced Bills - The greatest free energy source that we can make use of is obviously, our sun. Would it not be a wise idea to make the most of that fact? You'll start to see a drop in your power costs pretty quickly, and apart from the initial investment to install your solar panels, there are little or no maintenance costs to concern yourself with. The level of those savings should be somewhere between £90 and £370 annually on your electric bill, but that will be subject to the number of solar PV panels you install.

Maintenance - There is very little maintenance required for solar panel installations in Whyteleafe. And apart from the odd clean, the panels can be left alone and should continue to work for twenty five years or more. If your solar panel installation uses batteries for storage, these must be upgraded every ten years or so, however as this technology is continuously developing, efficiency and battery life is progressing year on year.


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It's good practice to get at least three price quotes from different solar energy installers in Whyteleafe, and you should not forget to ask neighbours, family or friends who have had solar systems installed for their feedback as well. When getting a price quote, ask about grants available in the Whyteleafe area for sustainable energy schemes, to help in reducing the initial outlay for buying and installing your solar powered system.

Before you set your sights firmly on any particular solar panel company, always ask to see some details of previously completed work. By offering a portfolio of images for you to browse through, a good solar system installer in Whyteleafe will be delighted to show off their history of clients and their experience in the solar industry.

A professional solar installation company in Whyteleafe should have membership or affiliation with at least one alternative energy trade body. Technological updates, guidance and training on all things connected with the sustainable energy industry, are provided by these specialist trade organisations. When picking your solar panel installer in Whyteleafe, look for membership of one of the following trade associations in the green and renewable energy industry.

STA - Offers the most cutting-edge technology training and solutions by working closely with industry, Government and local authorities, along with leading players in the solar and alternative energy industry. Highly regarded by the solar generation industry, the Solar Trade Association has a membership ranging from multi-national corporations to localised residential installers.

MCS - Any installation of solar PV systems in Whyteleafe should be done by a MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified company. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme offers recognition in the solar PV industry, and is a mark of high quality for any installation company, in addition to all of its provided solar energy equipment. The MCS advocates and supports the following renewable technologies: solar battery storage, biomass, solar photovoltaic and air source heat pumps.

REA (Renewable Energy Association) - The United Kingdom's biggest professional body for the professional organisation sector is the Renewable Energy Association (REA). It's focused on providing a training program and influencing policy towards a zero carbon economy, and currently has more than 500 member companies.

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Solar panel services can be accessed in Whyteleafe itself, in the following postcodes: CR3 6NL, CR3 0HA, CR3 0YT, CR3 0DA, , CR3 0BA, CR3 0GJ, CR3 5EL, CR3, and CR3 0AF, and also in close by locations like Woldingham, Tatsfield, Sanderstead, Downe, Hamsey Green, Keston, Chelsham, Farleigh, Chaldon, Cudham, Hooley, Chipstead. It's probable that any solar panel installers from the local area will have the telephone dialling code 01883 and the postcode CR3. This information is helpful if you wish to confirm that you're hiring a locally based solar panel installer. Local residents are able to utilise these and many other related services. If you just click the "quote" banner or form, you will be able to get info on solar panel installation in your area.

Solar PV Upgrades

It is essential to upgrade solar PV systems to ensure their long-term effectiveness and efficiency in generating electricity. Upgrading existing solar energy panels can increase their output, improve their durability, and extend their lifespan, as technology progresses. One of the most common upgrades is replacing older solar panels with newer, more efficient versions. The overall size of the solar array is reduced as more electricity is generated. One potential upgrade is the installation of energy storage solutions, like batteries, to store excess energy generated during the day for later use. The addition of micro-inverters or the upgrading of inverters can increase the system's conversion efficiency.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a great investment for your Whyteleafe home as they supply a stable source of clean energy. However, that money could be wasted if you fail to properly maintain your system. A cleaning schedule of 2 to 4 times per year is recommended by solar panel producers. You can determine if your panels are producing less energy than usual by using a monitoring station. It could be the result of dirty panels caused by debris accumulation. Proper maintenance of your panels will optimise their performance and increase their lifespan. Ground mounted solar panels are less challenging to maintain than roof mounted alternatives. Ground-mounted panels can experience issues during heavy rain, such as mud splashes and bounce-back, depending on the type of ground they have been installed on. The panels must be assessed for damage during snowfall and after any thunderstorms or hail to ensure their proper functioning.... READ MORE.

Solar Energy Pluses and Minuses

It is usually hard to find ways to save your money without doing a lot of work. Solar energy is one of several growing trends but is it really worth it? You can find many uses for solar energy, like central heating, electricity, cooking, and even for desalination. Despite the fact that solar energy has been recognized as the perfect, environmentally friendly source of clean energy, it also has some disadvantages. By harnessing the strength of the sun, it is easy to transform that into energy that is clean and environmentally friendly. Fossil fuels don't need to be put together in order to create the energy. The devices essential to produce the solar energy are solar collectors, or solar panels.

Yet another appealing factor is that solar energy can save you a lot of money on heaters, because it is cheaper than electric heating. Solar technology is a definite advantage when you live in a remote area where there are no power lines. There are several different ways in which solar energy can help with your savings and help power the electronics in your home. A specialized process termed desalination allows the solar power to create fresh water from salt water. This succeeds when the salt crystals stay in the bottom of a basin while the remainder evaporates from the power of the solar energy. An additional basin will certainly be ready to contain the drinking water after it condenses.

At this point, it seems like solar energy is the greatest system imaginable with nothing but positives, but to get the complete picture the negatives need to be revealed also. The biggest disadvantage is that you need loads of solar panels to be able to utilize solar energy. Not to mention these collectors are relatively expensive, even though solar power is cheap, and they must be maintained. Even though solar power is inexpensive, it may not be worth it to you, because with the cost of the panels, you may not save enough to pay for your investment.

When the sun is not out where you live, it is a huge disadvantage because it is probably not worth it for you. Locations where there is a lot of cloudy, rainy weather, the collection of solar energy will not be as effective. That being said, you should decide if there is enough sunlight all year round to be beneficial enough to invest in. If you're blessed enough to live in a desert, you should not be concerned with having enough sunlight.

Something else about the sun is that it simply shines in the daytime, and for a lot of the year, the day isn't very long. Having the ability to access electricity or hot water during the night might be a complication because of this. Storing the solar energy to be used later is an extremely sensible thing to do when night comes along.

Ground Source Heating Systems

Geothermal heating systems, also referred to as ground source heating systems, harness the consistent temperature of the earth to heat buildings and homes located in Whyteleafe. This renewable source of energy is highly efficient and environmentally friendly due to its ability to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions.

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The absorption of heat from the earth by a ground source heating system is facilitated by circulating a mixture of antifreeze and water through pipes that are buried deep underground and conveying it to a heat pump. The heat is then amplified by the heat pump and distributed throughout the building.

Despite the higher upfront expense, geothermal heating systems can be a cost-effective choice for householders in the long run because of the reduced energy bills and maintenance expenses. These systems are a smart investment for those who want a long-term and sustainable heating solution, as they are highly durable and can last for several years.

In summation, ground source heating systems are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for cooling and heating homes and buildings in Whyteleafe, with durability and long-term cost savings.

Solar Panel Batteries

The solar energy that is produced by your solar power panels can be stored in solar batteries. This can be used to power your appliances, phone or home. Your exact requirements will determine the capacity and size of batteries that you buy. For example, if you often use the air conditioner or the fridge, just one battery isn't enough.

Solar Battery Storage

When buying solar batteries for your energy system, you should also think about the DoD (or Depth of Discharge). The longest lasting batteries have a higher DoD. Degraded or over discharged batteries, will be less cost-efficient, as they store less energy. The quantity of energy which is available to use is determined by the capacity of your battery.

The charged solar battery can then be used to supply power when the sun's out and during the evening. This can save you money on your power bill. Even on overcast and dark days, your solar panel system will still be providing free energy. You can also send excess energy back to the grid, and get paid for it. (Tags: Solar Panel Battery Whyteleafe, Solar Panels & Batteries Whyteleafe, Solar Batteries Whyteleafe, Solar Storage Whyteleafe)

Solar Panel Cleaning Whyteleafe

Solar Panel Cleaning Whyteleafe (01883)

I would imagine that the very last thing on your mind when you are looking to install solar panels in Whyteleafe, is exactly how you are going to clean them. Even so, seeing that having grubby solar panels can affect their efficiency, it is wise to have a plan for cleaning them in the beginning. There are actually some automatic cleaning solutions for solar panel systems, and even though these can be quite expensive, they can be installed simultaneously with your panels, if you opt to go down that route.

Even though solar panels will be kept fairly clean by the action of rainwater, you ought not depend on this exclusively. When gazing up from the ground, they may appear pretty clean, but as time passes all panels will develop a thin layer of grease and grime that will certainly have an impact on their efficiency. To stop any substantial build-up of filth, you should set up a regular cleaning itinerary, assuming of course that you haven't got an automatic cleaning system installed. Pressure washers (for instance Karcher) can be used with many useful cleaning attachments, therefore it may even be feasible for you to do your own solar panel cleaning. Otherwise, you could find out if any Whyteleafe window cleaners provide such services, or contact a specialist solar panel cleaning service. (Tags: Solar Panel Cleaning Whyteleafe)

Solar Panel Relocation Whyteleafe

Moving solar panels from their current position to a different location is what solar panel relocation entails. Reasons such as roof repairs, changes in property ownership, or the intention to optimize solar energy production can lead to the necessity of the relocation of solar panels. Thorough assessment and planning are necessary for relocation in order to safely disconnect, transport, and reinstall the panels at the new location. It might involve collaboration between solar installers, roofers and electricians.

Properly executed solar panel relocation can maximize energy generation and enable businesses or homeowners in Whyteleafe to continue benefiting from solar power in their new setting. What's more, a properly done panel relocation can preserve the continued sustainability and efficiency of the panels in their new location, extending their longevity. (59718 - Solar Panel Relocation Whyteleafe)

Whyteleafe Solar Panel Tasks

Whyteleafe Solar Panel Tasks

Your chosen Whyteleafe solar panel installers should be able to help you out with several low-carbon energy services including stuff like air source heat pumps Whyteleafe, solar panels for shed Whyteleafe, LED lighting, the maintenance of solar panels, smart home technology, biomass boiler installation, solar panel fitting, solar panel systems, solar panels for garages in Whyteleafe, solar photovoltaic energy systems, green energy solutions Whyteleafe, the mounting of solar panels in Whyteleafe, solar panels with battery, solar panel maintenance, solar panel mounting, rooftop solar panels Whyteleafe, photovoltaic solar panels, alternative energy solutions Whyteleafe, cheap solar panels in Whyteleafe, solar panel suitability surveys, 500w solar panels Whyteleafe, EV charging, solar hot water systems, solar PV upgrades, energy assessments, battery backup systems, solar panel accessories, solar panel installations, solar thermal installations, solar energy grants, new build solar panel installation, solar system safety checks, solar installation advice, ground mounted solar PV, the repair of solar panels, and other solar related services in Whyteleafe, Surrey (CR3). Listed are just some of the activities that are undertaken by those installing solar panels. Whyteleafe professionals will keep you informed about their entire range of services.

Friends & Family Recommendations

It is invariably really helpful whenever you are trying to find a reputable contractor for your project, to ask if friends and relations have any recommendations. Person to person referrals are frequently the most effective way choose someone who is suitable for your requirements, and equally can point a finger at a third-rate company with a below par reputation.

Friends and Family

Getting feedback from an acquaintance or member of your family will also mean that you can get an insight into the reliability and punctuality of the contractor, and if anything went awry, what the contractor's attitude was like and how quickly were the faults resolved. They should be in a position to advise you how close the original quote was compared to the final price, which, unless they have some sort of guaranteed price arrangement, can often be tricky to obtain from the company themselves.

You can trust in your friends and family members to be honest and truthful, hence they should be your first point of reference when it comes to advice. You might notice that they'll be reluctant to discuss them, if they have had an unsatisfactory experience in dealing with a particular company. Many folks will be more than willing to talk about a good quality contractor, but less inclined to mention a lousy one, and rather than 'besmirch' a below par business they've dealt with previously, they might even suggest a different company.


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